Sobre nós – Clientes

9 entre 10 das marcas mais valiosas do mundo
produzem clientes satisfeitos com a Sprinklr.

Keith Moor

“Escolhemos trabalhar com a Sprinklr porque sua visão de companhia espelha a nossa própria visão, e nós estamos juntos quando se trata de fazer tudo para o cliente. Com a Sprinklr, o foco não estava na tecnologia — estava no cliente, e essa é a chave para tudo isso.”

Paul Matson
Diretor de engajamento e experiência do cliente nos EUA

“As pessoas querem ver as empresas humanizadas, o que pode ser um desafio para as marcas globais, mas o ponto de partida é monitorar e falar com os clientes em escala. Possibilitar essa estratégia tornou-se o trabalho principal da Sprinklr.”

1.200 marcas em todo o mundo são
consumidoras dos clientes

“We chose to work with Sprinklr because their company vision mirrors our own, and we’re on the same page when it comes to making everything about the customer. With Sprinklr, it wasn’t technology focused—it was customer focused, and that’s the key to the whole thing.”

Keith Moor, CMO - Santander

“We chose Sprinklr for its extensive reporting and management capabilities in order to gain insight into the social activity of our multiple brands and products.”

Katie Wah, Senior Social Media Manager - LogMeIn

“Our decision with assessing the final two came down to the platforms. Sprinklr has a clean look and feel while the other platforms still felt clunky.”

Casey Warnick, Social Media Director - Alamo

“ By fully leveraging Sprinklr’s measurement and listening framework to match our global needs, and finally incorporating our own booking and revenue data, we have filled in all the puzzle pieces. We can quickly learn what impacts different aspects of the customer experience and travel purchases on social.”

Alex Stein, Social Media & Brand Intelligence Manager - starwood

“People want to see companies humanized, which can be challenging for global brands, but the place to start is by listening and talking to customers at scale. Sprinklr has made enabling that strategy their bread and butter.”

Paul Matson, U.S. Director of Engagement & Customer Experience - McDonald’s