Enterprise Business Case Studies

LogMeIn Case StudyLearn how LogMeIn integrated data for 40+ social accounts.

With a vision to simplify the way people connect with each other and the world around them, cloud leader LogMeIn needed to track the success of their social media programs and understand how social activities were impacting key sales, marketing, and customer service goals.

See how LogMeIn utilized Sprinklr to manage their data.



Nimble Case StudyNimble utilizes an integration between Sprinklr and Marketo to start activating their social leads.

Given Nimble’s rapid pace of growth, their marketing team faced some real challenges, especially providing the sales teams with more and more higher-quality leads each month.

See how Nimble utilized Sprinklr to activate their social leads.



Dell Case StudyLearn How Dell Crushed Their Holiday Ads

It can be tough to break through all the noise and make an impact with social ads during the period from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. So, when Sprinklr enabled Dell to generate 2x their return on ad spend goal during this time, we knew we had to share their recipe for success.

See how Dell have surpassed revenue goals by >8% with Sprinklr.




U-Haul Case StudyHow Customer Service Reigns for U-Haul

Delivering high quality service is integral to U-Haul. U-Haul needed to quickly identify relevent conversations on social channels and address them. Time is of the essence when it comes to moving services, so fast responses were imperative.

See how U-Haul have adopted social moderation with Sprinklr.




Starwood Hotels Case StudyHow Starwood Hotels & Resorts Uses Sprinklr to Deliver Great Customer Experiences

Imagine that you just received 300,000 letters. Is it even humanly possible read, manage, and respond to all these messages? Starwood Hotels & Resorts faces this situation every single month. They use Sprinklr to help.

Read Starwood Hotels’ story now.




Groupon LogoHow Groupon Manages Conversations with 15 Million Fans Across 48 Countries

How does a five year old company with more than 15 million fans manage more than 12,000 inbound messages every single day

Get Groupon’s whole story now .




Castrol Social Media Case StudyHow Castrol USA Won The Social Media Super Bowl

To be part of real-time conversations on social media, brands must now create memorable fan experiences. Castrol USA did just that during Super Bowl XLVIII.

Here’s how Castrol USA made it happen (with selfies).




Microsoft Social Media Case StudyInfographic: Four Lessons from Microsoft’s 1,000-Person Social Deployment

Every company faces challenges when it comes to being social — problems like security, coordination, customer service, etc. But, when you’re a global brand, these challenges can grow to epic proportions. And they will do so quickly.

Here are the challenges Microsoft looked to overcome in a recent social media deployment.




President Obama on Housing with Zillow CEO Spencer RascoffHow Zillow Connected Thousands of Homeowners with President Obama

Since 2008, the U.S. housing market has been volatile. Current and aspiring homeowners across the country need advice. This case study highlights how Zillow, the leading online real estate marketplace, was able to create a citizen-generated discussion with President Obama.

Discover how Zillow successfully facilitated conversations between thousands of citizens and the #POTUS.




SAP Social Media Case StudyHow SAP North America Keeps its Social Team Running

The challenge is daunting: How do you juggle social media channels and 50 monthly promotional campaigns in 25 different industries?

Based in Germany, SAP is the largest business software company in the world. 

Learn how they help businesses “Run like never before” with the most comprehensive, robust and secure SMMS platform available. 



Cisco YouTube Case StudyHow Cisco Manages Thousands of YouTube Videos from Hundreds of Contributors

For large enterprises like Cisco Systems, managing social media contributors can be challenging. This case study examines how Cisco organizes thousands of YouTube videos from contributors across the world. 

Uncover the steps Cisco Systems took to streamline and manage their global YouTube account.




Flight Delays Crisis ManagementHow Frontier Airlines Scales to Quickly Reach Delayed Passengers

In the airline industry, crisis management is a regular activity. Flight cancellations and delays inevitably create passenger frustration. But for the Denver-based Frontier Airlines, unpredictable weather makes managing passenger expectations even harder. 

Discover how the social media team at Frontier Airlines quickly and efficiently calms each storm. 




GM Social Media Case Study SXSWHow GM Cut Social Channel Response Time From 12 Hours to 90 Minutes

The world’s largest automaker has drastically reduced customer service response times by using one social media management system across the enterprise, streamlining response workflow for mentions on Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Whether you’re a big-deal influencer attending South by Southwest (SXSW), a customer looking for some help, or someone who happens to mention Cadillac on Twitter, General Motors wants to reach out to you.

Read about GM’s transformation across PR, marketing, and customer service.



Virgin America Social Media Monitoring Kevin SmithHow Virgin America Created an Influential and Passionate Brand Ambassador

With more than 2.5 million Twitter followers, filmmaker Kevin Smith (@thatkevinsmith) is almost as well known for his headaches with airlines as he is for his movies. While the most notorious incident came when he was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight in 2010 for allegedly being “too fat to fly,” Smith nearly had a similar incident with Virgin America. Luckily for Virgin America, they were using advanced social media monitoring.

Read how Virgin America turned Kevin Smith from Twitter rant-er to brand ambassador. 



Bing Rewards Case Study

How Bing Searched 65,000 Social Mentions to Find the Right People

The successful launch of Bing Rewards led to an explosion of inbound traffic directed to @BingRewards, overwhelming the monitoring team.

Read how the Microsoft Bing team joined forces with Sprinklr and Mr. Youth to efficiently manage over 65,000 inbound messages in one month.



Virgin America Social Media Crisis Case Study

How Virgin America Soared During #Snowmageddon

On the day after Christmas 2010, a blizzard dumped up to 32 inches of snow up and down the Northeastern seaboard. Chaos ensued with the streets of Manhattan becoming paralyzed by five-foot snowdrifts and thousands of passengers were stranded at JFK Airport. With airline phone lines overwhelmed by the call volume, many disgruntled flyers took to Twitter to ask for help rebooking flights or to complain about their situation. Under the hashtag #Snowmageddon, many airlines took a PR beating for not being more responsive during the crisis.

Learn how Virgin America’s small social team was able to avert this social media crisis.


Microsoft Social Media Case Study

How Did a Few Microsoft Staffers Listen to Thousands of Event Attendees?

In April 2011, Microsoft hosted its annual North American TechEd Conference in Atlanta. To ensure smooth event execution and high attendee satisfaction across all social channels, Microsoft looked to Sprinklr to help implement real-time monitoring, escalation and reporting.

Learn how a few Microsoft employees listened to thousands of TechEd Attendees.