Sprinklr social media resources

Content Marketing eBook

eBook: The Content Marketer’s Guide to Social Media

Every minute of every day, there are 1.3 million updates/photos shared on Facebook, 350,000 new tweets, and 100 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube. We asked 10 world-class leaders in content marketing how to break through the noise.
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Social Mobile Ads Whitepaper

Download the Social Mobile Ads Whitepaper: The Insider’s Guide to Social Mobile Advertising

Download this whitepaper to get insider tips on social and mobile advertising. Advertisers spend $.17 on TV for every hour of U.S. adult consumption, and they pour $.83 into each hour spent with print. For mobile, it’s only $.07. Think of the potential!
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Social Media Compliance Whitepaper

Download the Social Media Compliance Whitepaper

Companies don’t have a choice when it comes to being social, but that doesn’t mean abandoning all the necessary checkpoints; it means effectively doing both. You must build your social presence on top of a compliant infrastructure. This whitepaper and checklist show you how.
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IDC MarketScape Report 2015

Download the IDC MarketScape Report

Sprinklr was recognized as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Social Media Management and Marketing Applications 2015 Vendor Assessment.
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The Social Media Landscape in Brazil

The Social Media Landscape in Brazil

Brazil is a rapidly developing nation with more than 200,000,000 citizens. It’s a social media powerhouse that sets the tone for digital adoption across South America.
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Experience Cloud Whitepaper

Sprinklr Experience CloudTM

Your customers have changed – they’re more demanding, more vocal, and more social than ever before. In this new world, brands that transform to deliver amazing customer experiences have the advantage.
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The Survival Guide to Customer Experience

The modern business needs to be all about the customer. Are you ready for this shift? Customer experience management (CXM) is the answer.
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Social Care Whitepaper

The Future of Customer Service Whitepaper

Social customer service is a big investment. It requires executive buy-in, internal training, and new technologies – not to mention the funding necessary for all of this. But it’s becoming a necessary part of doing business. To put it bluntly, when it comes to social customer service, you no longer have a choice.
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Infrastructure eBook

eBook: The Rise of Social Experience Management

Get the eBook and learn from 64 thought-leaders from organizations like Cisco, HP, Nestle Purina, Nissan, Medtronic, PayPal, Samsung, and Shell.
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Customer Advocacy Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Love Over Buzz: How to Create a Customer Advocacy Program

People don’t care what you have to say about your brand. In fact, less than 50% of people trust traditional ads. They do, however, trust recommendations from friends, family, and other consumers. These days, it’s your customers who have the power to shape your reputation. Download the whitepaper here.

In-House Paid Social Whitepaper

Whitepaper: The Definitive Guide to In-House Paid Social

Do you have full control of your social advertising? If you’re managing social internally, but outsourcing your paid – you may not be getting the most out of your efforts. To excel at paid social, you need full control of the process… and to get that, you might just need to move it in-house.
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Employee Advocacy Whitepaper

Whitepaper: 10 Steps to Successful Employee Advocacy

Employees have always been the front line of your brand. But now, they’re not just the person behind a counter – they’re a trusted voice with the power to influence your customers for good or ill on a massive scale. It’s time to harness this voice and turn employees into brand advocates.

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Social Selling Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Social Selling Best Practices for the Enterprise

Think back to your company’s last quarter. Could it have been stronger? More profitable? If you don’t have a social selling strategy in place, the answer is yes. To help you better understand social selling and its benefits, we put together this universal guide.

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Paid Social Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Everything You Need to Know About Paid Social

Let’s face it – organic reach is dying. To compensate, the world’s most sophisticated brands like Castrol and Vodafone are turning to social advertising to get the right messages to the right people and drive measurable results –
at scale.

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Social Governance Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Social Governance 101: A Practical Guide to Protecting Your Brand

You see it all the time: multi-billion-dollar corporation humiliated by an inexperienced intern, scorned employee or hacking genius. While the stories involve different players, the same theme resonates — insufficient social governance. Don’t leave your organization at risk.

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Command Center: The future of social media command centers

Whitepaper: The Future of Social Media Command Centers

The impact of online conversations is no longer up for debate. Insights derived from social are a critical piece of how brands of the future will manage experiences. But for enterprises to fully benefit, they need to analyze and contextualize billions of messages. A command center can help. That is, if you find the right one. We put together this practical guide to to make it easy.

Download the whitepaper here.

social media crisis management whitepaper

Whitepaper: Crisis Management Techniques for the Enterprise

Reputational crises, like natural disasters, can’t be avoided. But that doesn’t mean leaving your enterprise unprepared to handle the storm. Get this whitepaper to learn how Intel and Agnes + Day manage social media crises. You’ll also get a free visual flowchart for crisis management process, and a crisis scorecard to help you survive the next flare up.

Download the whitepaper here.

Social Media Security and Privacy

Privacy and Security: A Primer for Ensuring Your Customers, and Your Company, Are Protected

Data privacy and security is a hot topic today, and will likely remain so for many years to come. In this paper, you’ll find perspective, derived from research and analysis into best-practices from dozens of global enterprises, into the basic, non-trivial issues surrounding how global brands should consider handling data privacy and security issues.

enterprise social media rfp

  6 “Must Haves” for any Enterprise Social Media RFP

Requirements gathering isn’t fun, so we’ve done the hard work for you based on our experience with over 100 global brands. In this PDF, you’ll find a guide to the 6 overarching areas you should ask vendors about when evaluating a solution for enterprise-wide Social Media.

Enterprise Social Media Management ebook

eBook: Best Practices for Enterprise Social Media Management from the Dream Team

Sprinklr has engaged the Enterprise Social Media Dream Team to advise you on scaling social across the enterprise. It’s available to you now in a free PDF.

Enterprise Social Security

Best Practices for Secure Enterprise Social Media Deployments

Deploying Social Media at Enterprise Scale requires a different set of priorities for compliance, governance, and risk. Sprinklr has helped global brands with implementations in over 50 countries. With that experience, we’ve put together a checklist of the “22 Must Haves for a Secure Social Media Deployment.”

Social Assessment

Take the Assessment: Ready to Scale Your Enterprise Social?

Moving from a small team of social media practitioners to a global team comprised of multiple functions and divisions is a big step. Based on Sprinklr’s work with some of the world’s largest, most social brands, we are sharing our experience for the key elements to successfully making the scale transition.

Social media deployment

How to Plan and Deliver a Global Enterprise Social Media Deployment

Moving a social strategy from a small team to a globally dispersed teams requires a number of steps and a lot of planning. Based on Sprinklr’s work with some of the world’s largest, most social brands, we wanted to share our experiences from those brands that understand how to do it right and well.