Social Login

Customer experiences work best when its participants have trustworthy, verified identities. At the same time, more and more shoppers and community members prefer to use a single established profile – typically from Facebook – everywhere they go online.

In addition to creating a better user experience, Social Login helps with your onsite user management in a number of ways. First, it reduces spam by requiring a valid social media account to be linked to profile creation.  Second, it increases the likelihood of a user actually registering with the community, as social login has been shown to increase registration rates by anywhere from 20-50%.  Third, a social login integration allows an opportunity for additional demographic and behavioral to be captured without any additional work on the part of the user, providing greater opportunities for personalization and recommendations.

Preserve the ability to provide a trustworthy user experience that you can manage and track.

Link to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to quickly and easily create a customer profiles.

Help customers find offsite friends within online communities, and reduces barriers to sharing onsite content with their social media networks.