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Secure your social program and ensure communications are on-brand

Compliance is no longer a nice-to-have feature in enterprise social. For most global brands these days - private or public - it’s a matter of regulatory life and death. Are you protecting your teams and your business? There’s no excuse not to anymore with Social Governance at your side.

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Governance will help you

  • Control and secure social across your entire organization
  • Stay within internal and external compliance guardrails
  • Maintain detailed audit trails
  • Implement complex approval workflows
  • Keep track of and control outbound messaging and content
  • Easily and quickly manage vast arrays of user roles and permissions
  • React protectively to crisis situations by blocking all social activity

How does it work?

We start with a rock-solid enterprise security layer. Then add sophisticated and granular user roles and permissions. We give you multi-tier approval workflows on all outbound content and messages. And we invented group provisioning, so you can manipulate roles and permissions on a thousand users as easily as just one. We even added special crisis-mode "kill switch" you can pull to immediately stop all outbound content. Last but not least, permissioning lets you control every aspect and feature of the platform tailoring it to any level user from novice to expert.

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Learn how to protect your brand in the social era.

You see it all the time: multi-billion-dollar corporation humiliated by an inexperienced intern, scorned employee or hacking genius. While the stories involve different players, the same theme resonates — insufficient social governance. Don’t leave your organization at risk.

Get the whitepaper - Social Governance 101: A Practical Guide to Protecting Your Brand

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