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We asked leaders from Intel Corporation, Symantec, Altimeter Group, CEB TowerGroup and more to discuss privacy and security in the digital world in our newest eBook.

Today’s excerpt is from Rick Reed of Intel Corporation.

rick reed intel corporation

Rick Reed
Issue and Crisis Manager for Intel Corporation

Since 1998, Rick has been helping to detect, prevent, and manage product and corporate reputation issues. Most recently, he’s been helping Intel to understand the role social media plays in this space. Rick lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his beautiful wife and two tremendous kids who are constantly showing him just how little he knows about preventing and managing crises. 


Lately, I’ve been seeing an increasing number of social media crisis management articles written by ‘experts’ in my Google News search. I’d like to start by noting here that anyone who’d like us to think that they’ve got it all wired when it comes to managing crises in social media (or anywhere else for that matter) is full of hot air, because no one has it all wired.

We’re all learning – with each and every issue to which we respond.

That said, I’m amazed there are still some global brands that are not investing in a social media listening and issue response strategy. That oversight creates brand risk.

Having a solid social strategy to provide effective messaging during corporate crises is certainly a good thing, and focusing on outbound messaging is well and good, but having a process for responding should come first. To have a successful outcome, begin with a plan to fix the problems you find. “Do good things, before you say good things” should be the mantra of all who seek to protect their brands in social. Focusing on fixing the issue at hand should always come before discussing how to best communicate. Let’s look at what one effective response model might look like….

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