Why David Beats Goliath… And Why Sprinklr Loves Being the Underdog

by Jeremy Epstein 09 Aug 2013 Sprinklr Feature

Sprinklr - The Social Media Management Underdog

Sean Ludwig’s article in VentureBeat said it best:

In the realm of business-focused social media management, Salesforce-owned Radian6 and Adobe are arguably the two biggest players. There’s also Hootsuite, the startup that just raised a massive $165 million round.

But New York City’s Sprinklr is a true underdog that basically came out of nowhere and secured some of the biggest customers on the planet.


We are excited by these accolades, as anyone would be, and are convinced that our core beliefs about building a business are responsible. Here’s what drives us:


Just Care More

We have a culture built around people who realize that a technology platform isn’t just software… it’s part of an experience. The experience is designed and delivered by people, and our people are just freaking passionate.

Don’t take it from me. Take it from one of our clients, who wrote:

“They are very responsive, I genuinely feel they want us to succeed…it’s almost like they want it more than us, kind of creepy at times.”


Build Better, Faster

We could post pictures here of our Development team members sleeping on the floor of the office because of their commitment to the mission. We could talk about features and functionality, but the key here is a relentless commitment to architecting a technology that is designed specifically and wholly for the world’s largest enterprises.

We didn’t start off as a channel tool, and we think it’s irresponsible to assemble the next generation of enterprise social infrastructure via a Frankenstein-like acquisition and integration approach. Instead, our focus has been — since Day One — to build a complete Social Relationship Infrastructure solely for large enterprises…and to innovate at the speed of Social. It’s a pace which larger companies cannot possibly match.

Agility, particularly in Social at this stage of the evolution, is critical.

We’re humbled and honored that our efforts have been recognized by multiple leading industry analysts. The Altimeter Group cited Sprinklr as the “most capable” to meet the needs of large organizations, eConsultancy placed us in each of the past two years in the “top-right” position, and the Forrester SRP Wave said that Sprinklr is “the most powerful technology on the market.”


Hire The Best

If there is anything of which we are proud, it is the fact that we attract talent that is wholly dedicated to building the required infrastructure for Social. Because they have “been there and done that.” People like Esteban Contreras (Samsung), Anna O’Brien (Citi), Ali Ardalan (Intel), Colin Burns (AT&T), Adam Evers (Polaris), Elizabeth Closmore (Target), Nick Schwartz (Virgin America), Justin Macauley (Frontier) and other thought-leaders and innovators.

Simply put, you can’t implement a large enterprise solution without services led by people who deeply understand the challenges the client is facing.


Accept and Conquer Biggest Challenge

One of our core values is “Passionately and Genuinely Care.” And when you are passionate, you have a sense of urgency and a relentless desire to go bigger, further, and faster than anyone else.

So, when a company like Microsoft wants to deploy Social to 1,100 people (watch the video), this is the kind of challenge that Sprinklrites live for.

For more about our values, see this article on Switch&Shift.


Only Work With The Best

Nearly 300 of the world’s largest, most social brands choose Sprinklr for their enterprise social infrastructure. But it’s not just anybody — leaders and innovators like Intel, Cisco, Hearst, Dell, Virgin America, IHG, and 1-800-FLOWERS choose us because they are innovators. These companies are populated by leaders in the field, extremely smart and passionate people who want a true partnership with a company that will help them build the future of enterprise Social.


Onward to the future of Enterprise Social…

This is just a milestone on the road. If you are part of the movement to help large enterprises and their visionary leaders, feel free to connect with us.

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