Social eXperience Management | Crisis

It’s 3AM at the office, but somewhere in the world, the sun is up, and an angry, frustrated customer is rallying up the troops against your brand. Within hours, his ranting videos have gone viral. Thousands of Twitter and Facebook fans are pummeling your corporate accounts. As the crisis quickly spreads, your brand remains silent. Fury quickly spreads to other social networks. Top bloggers pick up on it.

By the time your morning rolls along, damage is widespread. You’re making morning news. You struggle to rally your troops as angry, confused calls flood in from the C-suite – they want explanations and action – right this minute.

But you have no way to understand what happened hours ago. Who’s for and against you? When did it start? How far has it spread? What triggered it? Why? Can your fans help? Should you stop publishing? Where’s Corporate Legal? OMG, how could something like this have happened?!?

So, how does a brand manage social crisis experience?

Our Crisis Whitepaper


conversation management


  • Understand the social and online footprint and the path of amplification
  • React to squash burgeoning crisis as per reaction plan
  • Communicate with advocates and internal resources
  • Triage, tag, and dispatch to reaction teams as needed
  • Decide which conversations or topics are “hands-off”
  • Keep internal communication lines live and open
  • Manage crisis remotely 24/7 with Social Mobile Suite

You will need these modules:
social engagementSocial Engagement: Monitor and triage, route, and engage with millions of conversations at scale.

social media management mobile appSocial Mobile Apps: All your engagement features in the palm of your hand 24/7 anywhere in the world.

LISSocial Listening Insights:Get actionable listening insights about where, when and why conversations occur.

community management


  • Keep internal list of key crisis reaction team members
  • Keep tabs on your detractors
  • Activate advocates to back up brand causes
  • Monitor press and media handles
  • Keep watch on competitor executives
  • Monitor key figures in public policy
  • Maintain list of first, second and third tier responders

You will need these modules:
social engagementSocial Engagement: Instantly identify important fans or customers, categorize or annotate digital profiles, add them to predefined profile lists, and assign influencer ratings on the fly.

social crm audience managementSocial CRM: cross-reference your CRM for existing customers or insert as new customers in your database.

LISSocial Listening Insights: Get actionable listening insights about your audience.

social media content


  • Maintain trove of content to respond to known attacks
  • Maintain official content related to hot topics
  • Maintain Legal approved list of canned content
  • Enable global publishing kill-switch as needed
  • Temporarily lock down certain types or topics of content

You will need these modules:
social media publishingSocial Publishing: Publish rich media publishing to all your social channels with a sophisticated editorial calendar.

social asset management content strategySocial Asset Management: Manage all your social media assets from one central location and share or suggest content from it.

social apps for facebook and twitterSocial App Suite: Create and deploy social apps with no coding effort.

campaign management


  • Run post-crisis campaigns to communicate on what was done.
  • Run preventive information campaigns to avoid surprising customers
  • Introduce new executives or policies and explain change

You will need these modules:
social media campaignsSocial Campaign Management: Create, deploy, and share campaigns from a central calendar.

create social apps facebook Social Apps Suite: Create and deploy slick social apps effortlessly.

social media analyticsSocial Reporting : Measure campaign results across channels, markets, and locations with aggregated reporting.

enterprise collaboration


  • Block or review all outbound content and messages
  • Connect with C-suite and Legal for immediate crisis reaction
  • Instantly connect to tier 1 social response teams
  • Connect with and inform influencers, press and media as needed
  • Immediately alter internal access and permissions as needed

You will need these modules:
social media automationSocial Automation: Automate complex workflows with Social Automation rules and macros.

enterprise governanceSocial Governance: Enforce internal and external compliance requirements and define user roles and permissions with Social Governance.

social asset management content strategySocial Asset Management: Share, suggest, and track social content performance from a central location.