Social eXperience Management | Customer Care

Your empowered customers are the ones who set new standards for service and support. They expect and demand free problem resolution: Instant gratification, empathy and instant help from product communities and human brands 24/7 across multiple digital channels.

Anything short of that has them running to the competition. And costing you brand harm by word of mouth that can hurt or kill sales, marketing efforts and growth. But, getting it right reduces your operating costs, prevents attrition and builds affinity and loyalty.

So how does a brand manage social customer care experience?

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  • Engage with and help customers in real time
  • Improve brand perception via responsiveness
  • Increase loyalty
  • Affect buying decisions
  • Provide pro-active service
  • Drive customers to self-help owned communities
  • Monitor crisis signals
  • Monitor new product reception

You will need these modules:
social engagementSocial Engagement: Monitor and triage, route, and engage with millions of conversations at scale.

social media management mobile appSocial Mobile Apps: All your engagement features in the palm of your hand 24/7 anywhere in the world.

LISSocial Listening Insights:Get actionable listening insights about where, when and why conversations occur.



  • Segment communities by product and region
  • Identify and unite product advocates and experts
  • Nurture brand ambassador programs
  • Drive innovation through product ideation groups
  • Activate advocates to thwart crisis situations
  • Foster and encourage peer-to-peer support

You will need these modules:
social engagementSocial Engagement: Instantly identify important fans or customers, categorize or annotate digital profiles, add them to predefined profile lists, and assign influencer ratings on the fly.

social crm audience managementSocial CRM: cross-reference your CRM for existing customers or insert as new customers in your database.

LISSocial Listening Insights: Get actionable listening insights about your audience.



  • Provide self-service content at point of need
  • Grow your knowledge base with curated user-generated content.
  • Share marketing/PR content calendar

You will need these modules:
social media publishingSocial Publishing: Publish rich media publishing to all your social channels with a sophisticated editorial calendar.

social asset management content strategySocial Asset Management: Manage all your social media assets from one central location and share or suggest content from it.

social apps for facebook and twitterSocial App Suite: Create and deploy social apps with no coding effort.



  • Deploy pro-active “how-to” campaigns to address known issues and fixes and reduce 1:1 contact volumes
  • Develop ideation campaigns for product teams
  • Deploy social app surveys and polls to gauge customer satisfaction
  • Discover which self-help content is most effective

You will need these modules:
social media campaignsSocial Campaign Management: Create, deploy, and share campaigns from a central calendar.

create social apps facebook Social Apps Suite: Create and deploy slick social apps effortlessly.

social media analyticsSocial Reporting : Measure campaign results across channels, markets, and locations with aggregated reporting.



  • Monitor and route to marketing/PR/Legal as needed
  • Feed product teams with problem and success spots
  • Publish collaboratively on marketing/PR channels
  • Connect with PR/Marketing/Legal to review content
  • Generate reporting for the C-suite

You will need these modules:
social media automationSocial Automation: Automate complex workflows with Social Automation rules and macros.

enterprise governanceSocial Governance: Enforce internal and external compliance requirements and define user roles and permissions with Social Governance.

social asset management content strategySocial Asset Management: Share, suggest, and track social content performance from a central location.