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In a world of empowered consumers nothing is more important than delivering remarkable experiences to your customers at every possible touchpoint.


Customer service today is broken. 

The facts are clear:

  • 86% of customers are put on hold when they call a business.
  • 66% of surveyed customers switched service providers due to poor customer service.
  • 95% of dissatisfied customers will tell others about their bad experience and almost  half will share their bad experience on social

Delivering amazing experiences that turn your customers into advocates simply is not an option. Experience Cloud helps the world's biggest businesses deliver scalable, effective customer care through social and brand websites. With Experience Cloud you can:

  • Reduce response times
  • Avert costly call-center traffic
  • Increase Net Promoter Scores at every digital touchpoint

In a social world, customer care is far too important to leave in a silo. You need an integrated, scalable solution. And that's the Sprinklr Experience Cloud.


Case Study: See how Starwood manages Social Customer Care with Sprinklr

Download the Case Study and see how Starwood:

  • Processes 300,000 monthly inbound social media messages 
  • Moderates across over 1,200+ social media accounts in 15 distinct languages
  • Ensures collaboration among different teams, departments, and even external agencies
  • Reduced time spent on reporting from a full day to 20 minutes

Learn how in this detailed case study.

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