Harness the Power of Native Ads

Join our webinar on December 9th at 10:00 am PST to learn how to master native advertising.

Native ads can deliver up to 3x more time and attention with a 114% lift in brand awareness than traditional display. That’s powerful performance from this new kind of advertising.

Join us for an exclusive webinar with Joe Stephens, Director of Native Ads Strategy at Yahoo, to discuss how brands can reach engaged audiences through Yahoo Gemini.

We’ll discuss:

  • Native advertising best practices for audience targeting, placement, and optimization
  • How advertising on Yahoo Gemini delivers results
  • How going beyond social can help brands maximize engagement

We’ll even have a special Q&A session afterward, where you’ll get advice directly from Yahoo’s experts.

Watch the webinar today!

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Webinar Details:

When: December 9th at 10:00 am PT


Sprinklr + Yahoo Gemini

Sprinklr is the latest addition to the Yahoo Preferred Partner Program, a community of innovative advertising technology providers committed to delivering a higher standard of client services. As a new partner, Sprinklr can provide brands with insights that inform marketing campaigns, and technology that optimizes and tracks the performance of Yahoo Gemini campaigns.