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How Denver International Airport built an always-on unified customer experience

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“Every time we engage with a customer on social media, we are seen as not just speaking on behalf of the airport, but on behalf of the entire City of Denver,” says Marco Toscano, Director of Customer Experience Projects for Denver International Airport (DEN). 

That’s not hyperbole, either: as the world’s third-busiest airport, DEN generates more than $33 billion in economic impact for the region, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation, and in 2019, DEN saw more than 69 million annual travelers. This year, they forecast around 72 million passengers. Providing excellent service, engagement, and care to this customer base is a civic duty, and it requires precise, accurate, and timely communication. 

But today’s travelers demand an always-on experience, with more and more of this communication happening through social media channels — including customer-service related issues and feedback that require immediate responses. DEN needed to transform the way it engaged the public, but the Public Information Officers (PIOs) who handled external communications were a team of only two, without the bandwidth to handle both social care and traditional PR duties. 

DEN’s Customer Relations Center (CRC) was staffed with subject-matter experts trained to assist passengers, but they were inexperienced at responding to customers or communicating through social media and cautious about taking swift action, given the increased scrutiny facing government employees on digital channels. To ease these concerns, relieve the burden on internal resources, and modernize engagement, DEN needed a solution that would: 

  • Empower CRC agents to confidently deliver reputation-safe messages in real time across multiple social channels

  • Streamline workflows to dramatically reduce arduous, time-consuming approvals processes, increase security, and ensure posting accuracy

  • Outperform the other social listening tool DEN had adopted as a stop gap when COVID restricted budgets


DEN partnered with Sprinklr to tackle these challenges with a two-pronged approach. The first step was Social Listening through Modern Research, which gave CRC agents real-time customer insight across social channels. With this improved visibility across the customer landscape, DEN’s care teams could instantly recognize customer questions, issues, and feedback and take action to mitigate problems or amplify positive messages.

Social Listening allowed DEN to integrate social care with traditional customer service and relieve the burden from the PIO team that had been shouldering the load. But Toscano says it also dramatically improved the quality of customer experience throughout the airport.

“Social media comments give us feedback that is more candid and more immediate than what we receive through phone calls or emails,” he says. “That gives us a clearer picture of how people are experiencing the airport and helps us act quickly to in-the-moment needs.” Toscano noted, for example, that they would learn about facility or operations issues faster through social media than they would through regularly scheduled maintenance checks. “Social can often be our first notice that something is happening in the airport that needs attention.”

The second strategy leveraged Sprinklr’s Social Publishing & Engagement solution. This enabled DEN’s CRC agents to build a content library of pre-approved social messages for social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram). This provided a foundation for DEN’s six contact center agents who were less experienced in social posting, streamlined workflows to accelerate action, and reduced errors and missed messages.    

“We wanted to empower our agents to engage using social media. With an approval process in place, they can now triage incoming messages or escalate problems to a supervisor if they don’t have an immediate answer,” explains Toscano.

“Sprinklr is a single platform that can button all this up for us, provide us support whenever we need it, and give our agents the confidence to take action in a safe environment.” 

Sprinklr puts more teeth in our communications strategy and policies with a robust platform that can do anything we need it to.

Marco Toscano
Director of Customer Experience Projects
Denver International Airport


With emboldened agents, more customer insights, and better internal processes, DEN was able to transform the quality, quantity, and speed of customer engagement and experience in several important ways.

A unified platform for automated, centralized workflows, governance, and productivity 

“Before we had Sprinklr’s pre-approved content capabilities, managing inbound social media could be chaotic and highly manual,” explains Toscano. “A Tweet would come in, and if the agent didn’t have the immediate answer, we would start copying and pasting messages and doing approvals through lots of email, back and forth across teams, trying to get a consensus on the right response.” 

With Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform, customer-facing teams across DEN had a single platform for every aspect of customer service, communication, and PR. As Toscano notes, “All the hassle goes away with the unified platform. There’s a built-in escalation process, so it’s so easy for an agent to forward a message to a supervisor. And once it’s with the supervisor, there is an established workflow that sends automatic messages to PR or care teams rather than doing this all over various email chains with lots of people, and the risk of delays and missed messages.”

“Instead, we have notifications directly in the platform that help us work together.”

Power to scale 

Giving DEN’s CRC agents the confidence to engage via social media was the first step, and a pre-approved, managed content library ramped up that capability quickly. 

But since adopting Sprinklr, Toscano has recognized the potential for growth. With dashboards, analytics, and reporting through a Unified-CXM platform, teams across the business have recognized common challenges and problems and built a knowledge base in the platform that’s easily accessible and approved for rapid responses. “They aren’t verbatim responses; but giving our agents confidence in the information actually helps them create more personalized interactions that improve the experience.”

They’ve also been able to develop a robust content calendar that they can automate, without a need for additional trackers. This calendar is populated with social and creative assets in a single place, and they’ve seen customer relationships evolve and grow. DEN has also taken advantage of centralized reporting to influence other business outcomes, like service-level agreements with vendors based on Sprinklr data.

“With these features, we knew that Sprinklr would allow us to scale our program,” says Toscano.

Great reputational safety and reduced risk

Sprinklr’s Unified-CXM platform also eliminated the need for multiple logins for native messaging platforms, since publishing happens directly through Social Publishing & Engagement. This reduced the chances that an agent would accidentally send a message from the wrong platform. 

Massive improvements over inferior toolsets 

Traveling took an enormous hit during the initial wave of the COVID pandemic, and that had an impact on DEN’s budgets. Toscano had to work with a bare-bones tool in order to cut costs — but quickly recognized the Sprinklr difference.

“We had hoped we might at least get some of the basic reporting with the other tool,” he says. “But we just saw so many flaws in execution. It got to the point that we were losing our data, our employees weren’t feeling comfortable using other platforms, and we were no longer meeting our goals or initiatives. We definitely needed to come back to Sprinklr to meet our objectives.” 


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