How Talpa used Sprinklr to drive social engagement on The Voice globally

The Challenge

With over 65 local productions seen in over 180 countries, The Voice, a record-breaking show created by Talpa, has unsurprisingly amassed millions of followers. The Voice has close to 60 million Facebook fans and more than 12 million Twitter followers. The Voice and The Voice Kids have about 1 billion YouTube views per month and over 14 million subscribers. With Talpa’s online channel team firmly in place, the next steps in expanding their online presence were to find a way to automate processes, monitor social activity, enable engagement and provide a centralized, global view of all of Talpa formats, including all The Voice’s productions. These key features are critical in connecting with The Voice’s global audience even more.

The Solution

As part of their global Talpa Connect Platform, Talpa now utilizes Sprinklr Listening to monitor these social activities and track the sentiment of viewers in real-time, globally. Identifying aspects of The Voice that engage viewers is an essential aspect of Listening, and is used by Talpa’s online channel team to connect with the audience across multiple viewer touch points. Listening data allows Talpa to pinpoint what does and doesn’t connect with their audiences, streamlining their social media approach and facilitating the possibility for the online channel team to focus on a broader range of online activities.

Sprinklr allows us to listen to our viewers, see spikes in conversations, and understand what is driving those conversations so we can engage on a global scale as the show airs all over the world.


As the frontrunner in connected content, Talpa utilizes Sprinklr to support their continuous innovation and growth in the digital sector. Instead of working harder, Talpa leverages Sprinklr to work smarter. “The most critical feature for us at Talpa is Sprinklr’s Automation, Rules and Workflows,” said Wouter Postma, Solution Architect at Talpa. By using the Rules Engine, Talpa is able to create rules that escalate and flag messages automatically, tasks that had previously been done manually, allowing Talpa’s social team to focus on increasing engagement with The Voice viewers on social.

Global Listening And Reporting

Talpa creates topic groups for each group of people on The Voice, such as “Coaches” and “Contestants,” and makes topics within those topic groups for each individual. Talpa is then able to gauge how viewers are perceiving each personality on The Voice and, on a micro level, how each individual’s social media personas are affecting the media and T.V. ratings. By creating topic groups based on region and format, Talpa is also able to get a global, centralized view of how all formats of the Voice are performing on social. Talpa uses Listening to inform best practices, taking notes from the formats that demonstrate high engagement and positive sentiment.

By using Listening and Reporting together, Talpa is able to get a global, centralized view of how all formats of The Voice are performing on social in real-time and easily relay performance reports through Sprinklr Reporting to various Voice teams across the globe. Talpa uses Listening and Reporting to gauge performance internally, across all formats, to better inform producers and broadcasters of top-performing episodes and formats.

Through Listening, Talpa has increased social engagement by 20%. “Sprinklr is the perfect addition to our Talpa Connect Platform which allows us to roll-out our connected formats globally,” adds Wouter. By putting all of their social properties into one core platform, Talpa is now able to report about engagement, reach, and activity on a global scale.


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