How a budget airline improved Customer Experience with Social
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Travel & Hospitality
United States
Company Size
1001 to 5000
Frontier Airlines
A budget airline used Sprinklr’s unified platform to decrease SLA times, improve customer satisfaction, and position themselves as a leader in environmental sustainability.
Denver, CO

The Challenge

The airline had trouble managing their care center, where a lack of governance was causing slow SLA times and unhappy employees. The volume of complaints was increasing and the team had no way to identify common themes or motivators behind the complaints. In addition, with greater regulation from the Department of Transportation (DoT), the airline risked getting fined for not addressing complaints in a timely manner.

The Solution

Social and Care departments teamed up to use Sprinklr’s data insights to identify the top three drivers behind customers’ complaints:

  • Baggage (lost bags, bag fees)

  • Seats (uncomfortable seats)

  • Scheduling issues (delays, rescheduling, etc.)

With these insights, they were able to reduce response time and shift sentiment by creating key talking points and coaching care representatives on how to respond. For example, if people complain about uncomfortable seats, the airline responds by explaining that the seats are actually lighter, which saves fuel and is more environmentally friendly. With Sprinklr’s Listening capabilities, they were able to monitor how care agents responded and pull reports to hold them accountable. The team set up Listening queries in order to make sure they did not miss any complaints and could keep in line with the guidelines set forth by the DoT.

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