How McDonald’s increased customer engagement in real-time
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Company Size
McDonald’s was in the unique position of managing 69 million customers a day across 36,000 locations in 120 countries while trying to maintain a unified social strategy.
Chicago, Illinois

The Challenge

McDonald’s sought a way to centralize digital strategy so that their decentralized organization could execute their strategy with continuity across regions, teams, and customer audiences.

The Solution

With Sprinklr, McDonald’s was able to effectively manage a massive amount of inbound customer messages across all of the brand’s hundreds of owned channels. The launch of “Our Food, Your Questions” campaign prompted hundreds of thousands of customer inquiries, all of which Sprinklr was prepared to handle.With a glocal (global + local) customer engagement strategy in place, McDonald’s was able to engage in a meaningful, transparent dialogue with its customers, in real-time.

Enhanced Consistency

Had the resources to ensure regional teams were staying on brand while crafting resonant, localized, personalized messaging.

Enhanced Efficiency

Able to engage with customers around the world across 28,000 accounts in real-time with glocal strategy.

Enhanced Performance

  • 47% increase in customer engagement.

  • 21% increase in positive-neutral sentiment.

  • 3x more likely to visit a store if engaged in a social campaign rather than a TV ad.

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