Urgent Response

When walking a fine line, you want a risk mitigation plan that’s better than just “good enough.”

You likely have an “in case of emergency” plan with an accompanying handbook of protocols should anything serious happen. You’ve done a good enough job of preparing for a brand crisis. Or so you think.

30% of executives don’t understand how to mitigate risk*

But what if your company experiences a major security breach, or one of your former employees with access to your social accounts goes rogue?

Scenarios like these happen all the time. With the rise of social media, even the smallest mistake can morph into a public catastrophe. The risks facing your company are plentiful… are you really doing everything you can to prepare? Is “good enough” really good enough?

*Source: MyNewMarkets.com

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How Sprinklr’s Urgent Response Package Can Help You

Sprinklr’s urgent response package offers a centralized, strategic line of attack to put brands in the driver’s seat when managing crises.
This solution proactively enables the brand to detect crises before they occur, escalate and manage on-brand responses,
and rally support from brand advocates and influencers.

  • Social crisis management blueprint creation
    Define what a crisis looks like for your brand and prepare a crisis blueprint, playbook, and training.
  • Crisis monitoring and listening
    Monitor digital channels (social networks, blogs, news sites, etc.) to detect and analyze a crisis before it goes viral. Preset alerts would notify teams of an emerging crisis.
  • Core social engagement
    Align workflows, escalations, rules, and reporting metrics to your crisis playbook. Approve all outbound messages to avoid off-brand content.
  • Moderation services
    Immediately activate a dedicated moderation team to listen, analyze, escalate, respond, and report on conversations with the utmost precision.
  • Salesforce.com case management
    Integrate Salesforce.com cases for clear visibility, tracking, and actionability.
  • Command Center dashboards
    Visualize, identify, and analyze key components of a crisis, such as the conversation velocity, geographic areas, channels, and people involved.
  • Paid advertising
    Quickly leverage paid content to support your crisis management efforts, or centrally shut off all pre-planned promoted messages.

See Sprinklr’s Urgent Response package for yourself, and know you’re prepared.

Sprinklr’s urgent response package contains the people, processes, and technology you need to overcome a crisis on social
– and more importantly, to protect the brand that you’ve invested so much into building.

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