Sprinklr BurstWebsite (First Party Experiences)

Integrate web experiences across marketing, e-commerce and customer care with 20+ social channels.

  • Publish web content using the same platform that you publish and promote content.
  • Append all marketing, community and care engagements to the same customer profile to track social engagement.
  • From ratings and reviews to completely personalized ecommerce experiences, a single view of the customer provides the ability to tailor the entire experience from discovery to purchase.
  • Leverage advocacy as a seamless touchpoint in your customer relationship journey.

Are you managing your website and mobile engagements using separate, disjointed tools? Does this create a consistent experience for your customers as you drive customer care, market research, ratings and reviews, and advocacy initiatives? Advocates amplify your messages, and customer communities provide priceless “voice of the customer” feedback while also being a top recruiting ground for the next generation of your brand’s advocates.

Sprinklr’s First Party Experience (FPX) suite brings an integrated approach, so brands can seamlessly manage digital brand experiences.

Sprinklr Burst

20+ Social Channels.
85+ Languages Supported.