Finding Social ROI: Q&A With David Kellis of The Clorox Company

by guest 29 Oct 2014 Blog Post, Featured


Finding social ROI can seem like a real mystery… David Kellis, Director of PR and Social Media for The Clorox Company, recently sat down with us to shed some light on the matter and offer his tips for proving the business value of social media.

Why Brands Need to Be Like Lady Gaga

by guest 28 Oct 2014 Blog Post, Featured

why brands needs customer advocacy

This post was written by Jackie Huba, Author of Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers Into FanaticsJacki was recently featured in our Love Over Buzz: How To Create A Customer Advocacy Program whitepaper. Download your copy here.

It’s really easy for someone to “like” or “follow” your brand on social media. What’s much harder is developing an emotional connection with that customer such that they keep buying your stuff, give it as gifts and tell everyone they know about you. That’s called customer loyalty, and it’s the holy grail (or it should be) of all marketers. I say “should be” because many marketers are too focused on acquiring new customers to worry about the ones they already have. (more…)

Social Media Round-up: October 24, 2014

by Matthew Goral 24 Oct 2014 Blog Post

Social Media Round-up

Here is your Social Media Round-up for the week of October 24, 2014. (more…)

How Important Is Paid Social? A Q&A with Weber Shandwick’s Colin Alsheimer

by guest 22 Oct 2014 Blog Post

How Important Is Paid Social?

This Q&A features Colin Alsheimer, the Senior Digital Manager of Weber Shandwick. Colin was recently featured in our Everything You Need To Know About Paid Social eBook. You can download a copy here.

The days when a marketer could drive measurable business results at impactful volumes through organic methods alone are basically over and social advertising has become more popular among brands — even the prudent ones. But how do you make the most of your paid social efforts (and dollars)?

We sat down with Colin Alsheimer of Weber Shandwick to try and cast light on what is so important about paid social and how to do it well.


Fans Have Gravity: Why Customer Acquisition Isn’t Your Best Marketing Bet

by guest 21 Oct 2014 Blog Post, Featured

fans have gravity: why brands should invest in customer loyalty

This post was written by Mack Collier. Mack was recently featured in our eBook: Love Over Buzz: How to Create a Customer Advocacy Program. Get your copy here.

Marketers are obsessed with size, especially size of market, and they often spend billions of dollars chasing the biggest market of all: new customers.

And yet, rock stars follow a completely different marketing path. Instead of marketing to new customers, they go out of their way to create experiences and engagement with their biggest fans. Lady Gaga created to cater specifically to her most hardcore fans. Taylor Swift has T-Parties just for a handful of her biggest fans at each concert. Amanda Palmer does secret shows where she usually gives away tickets to her biggest fans, even to the point of excluding ‘new customers’ from the selection process. (more…)