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Social Infrastructure Enables You to Scale Help


This post was written by Jared Osario of PSE&G. Jared was recently featured in Without Infrastructure, You Can’t Be Social. Download the free eBook here.

social media flips businesses upside down

At PSEG, we have two different types of infrastructure: literal and social. Our literal infrastructure – that’s the power lines and electrical equipment throughout our territory. Our social infrastructure encompasses the systems, processes and people that help us communicate with our customers, especially during an emergency.

Our industry is unique in that we usually get a few dozen social messages a day, but then at any given moment a storm can sweep through the region, causing 90,000 tweets to be sent to us. (more…)

Thinking in Conversations, Not Posts


social media engagement

Written by John Keehler and Caitlin Mitchell of The Richards Group, this post recently appeared in Without Infrastructure, You Can’t Be Social. Download the free eBook here.

When scrolling through updates on your news feed, most posts earn a glance, but a few inspire reactions through likes, comments, and shares.

These are the posts that somehow resonate and stand out from the others. Posts we find relevant and connect with. Usually, they are from friends. This is the promise of social media for brands – the potential to be seen as just another friend.

To be seen as a friend, a brand must act like one. (more…)

In Cyber Security — You Snooze, You Lose


cyber security

  • Spring of 2007- Estonia is brought to a standstill as ping floods and DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks crash the websites of the parliament, banks, ministries, and media. The level of sophistication of the digital onslaught is unprecedented.

  • Titan Rain- Code word for one of the biggest cyber-espionage cases in history, it refers to a series of coordinated attacks labelled an Advanced Persistent Threat. Hackers infiltrated computer networks for years and stole ‘classified’ data from Lockheed Martin, Sandia National Labs, NASA, and more.

  • Heartbleed- A malicious bug that attacks vulnerabilities in OpenSSL encryption software to steal logins, passwords, and secure keys. It affected the servers of the world’s most popular sites — Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Yahoo!, etc. Most worryingly, it impacted mobile (iOS and Android) devices and hardware. The full extent of its damage is still unknown.

I wish the above were from a film script titled, Dark Dawn over Cyberia. But these are real, reported incidents. Even more alarming is that cyber-attacks are getting stronger, bigger, faster, sneakier, and stealthier. (more…)

Social Media for Retail Companies


social media for retail

As trends change and consumers become increasingly empowered, retailers are facing a unique set of challenges in making sure they keep pace with the changing social media landscape.

So how do you engage with the social consumer while navigating the digital superstorm? And how do you stay up-to-date with all the latest articles and trends?

To help you access valuable information faster and easier, we put together this compilation of social media stories — specially created for the retail industry. (more…)

Can Brands Afford to Make ‘Human Mistakes’?


social governance

Google recently proved that one pixel makes a huge difference. The global juggernaut recently updated its logo to slightly move the “l” and “g” in order to improve the overall look and feel. Why make such an insignificant change?

Because one teeny, tiny pixel matters when it comes to how a brand is presented.

Companies invest billions in branding — making sure that every swatch, word and letter placement is completely in sync with the persona of the brand. Yet when we move away from ads and posters, the same protective obsession cannot be found online. (more…)

Social Media for Technology Companies


social media for technology companies

It seems like a no-brainer that social media and technology would go hand in hand. However, as new technology is churned out everyday, tech companies are facing their own set of challenges in making sure they never lose sight of the voice of the customer.

Get your free copy of the Social Media for Technology Companies Report. (more…)

Your Brand Doesn’t Need a Social Media Command Center, Unless…


command center

Few things in enterprise social are hotter right now than the social media command center. Agencies are pitching them to clients, design houses are crafting beautiful iterations of them, and social data vendors are selling them like lemonade on a scorching summer day.

But do you really need a command center? (more…)

Dear Brands: What It’s Like on the Other Side



This piece was inspired by a LinkedIn post by Marcy Massura of MSLGROUP. If you haven’t read, it highlights a few learning opportunities for tech/social/digital vendors when approaching brands.

As the founder and CEO of an enterprise social media management company – yes, a vendor – I wanted to take a moment to provide a different perspective.

Here goes… (more…)

Brands and User-Generated Content: A Primer on Implicit vs. Explicit Rights


 user-generated content

The following article — written by Dan Kimball, CMO at Thismoment – originally appeared in Wired Insights  and provides a compelling perspective on the risks and rewards of using UGC.

Ask any marketer how important user-generated content (UGC) has become to his or her marketing strategy and they will answer with a varying degree of conviction about the importance. What every marketer can’t say as confidently, is whether he or she knows the laws and regulations that govern content usage in the social media echo chamber. (more…)

Are you ready for the connected consumer revolution?


It ain’t social media, it’s the voice of your customer

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