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Dear Brands: What It’s Like on the Other Side



This piece was inspired by a LinkedIn post by Marcy Massura of MSLGROUP. If you haven’t read, it highlights a few learning opportunities for tech/social/digital vendors when approaching brands.

As the founder and CEO of an enterprise social media management company – yes, a vendor – I wanted to take a moment to provide a different perspective.

Here goes… (more…)

Brands and User-Generated Content: A Primer on Implicit vs. Explicit Rights


 user-generated content

The following article — written by Dan Kimball, CMO at Thismoment – originally appeared in Wired Insights  and provides a compelling perspective on the risks and rewards of using UGC.

Ask any marketer how important user-generated content (UGC) has become to his or her marketing strategy and they will answer with a varying degree of conviction about the importance. What every marketer can’t say as confidently, is whether he or she knows the laws and regulations that govern content usage in the social media echo chamber. (more…)

Are you ready for the connected consumer revolution?


It ain’t social media, it’s the voice of your customer

Sprinklr is excited to present the first edition of the Social@Scale Journal: a comprehensive resource for practical advice, original research, and valuable data about how social is transforming business. Social-at-Scale-Journal-Cover-Sprinklr

We’ve included case studies and lessons from:

Download your copy of the Social@Scale Journal.

Are you ready for the connected consumer revolution?

A brand is no longer what a company tells people about itself. A brand is the sum of experiences that a person has with a company at every single touchpoint. Nothing more.

The Social@Scale Journal highlights the power of relationships and the voice of the customer in creating those experiences. It features contributions from marketing visionaries at Kia, Citi, and Cisco — along with custom data studies (like the one below) on the automotive, retail, and consumer electronics industries.

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Download your copy of the Social@Scale Journal.

Brands are moving too slowly

Social networks have created nearly $300 billion of value in the last 10 years. The rapid growth in the networks goes hand-in-hand with changes in consumer media habits.


Although money allocated to social strategy is increasing, brands aren’t changing quickly enough. Brands continue to underinvest in social media.

companies underinvest social Sprinklr

Social media management matters

One in five brands say they rarely, if ever, respond to customer complaints made via social. Yet consumers expect a response from brands within one hour, and six in 10 consumers will take “unpleasant actions” to express dissatisfaction with a brand’s untimely social response.

Brands Social Responsiveness Sprinklr

Brands are disillusioned by the importance of customer experiences and the power of social to help build relationships with consumers. Bain Consulting discovered that while 80% of companies believe they deliver “superior” customer experiences to their customers, just 8% of customers agree.

Customer Experience Sprinklr

The disconnect is staggering

It suggests a fundamental problem in how enterprises function. Businesses are focused on internal efficiency instead of consumer experience. In the age of social, inferior consumer experiences are amplified endlessly and can cripple your business over the long term.

The way a customer feels is influenced, for good or bad, by every single interaction with every single facet of a business. Download the Journal to learn more.


Enterprise Social Media Greatest Hits


News moves fast. Social moves even faster. So we get it — staying up-to-date with all the latest articles and trends in enterprise social media isn’t easy.

That’s why we put together this compilation of thought-provoking pieces on how the world’s largest financial brands are optimizing social experiences. It’s the same valuable and practical information you need, but hand-selected for easy consumption.

Download your free copy here. (more…)

Which retailer has the most social media influence?


Sprinklr Brand Health Analystics Retail Social Media Influence

Creating great social experiences for consumers is now an integral part of any retailer’s marketing strategy. Listening to the voice of your customer has never been more critical to social engagement. (more…)

Targeting Genders: Social Data and Insights, Not Stereotypes


old spice campaign

This post was written by Bianca Ohannessian, Senior Content Manager of TBG

Gender equality in advertising has been trending on social media over the past few weeks. Hashtags like #yesallwomen and #nomakeupselfie have sparked debates on why these stereotypes exist, and why they persist in advertising.

Social data shows us that there are distinct behavioral differences between the sexes, and consequently, differences between social platforms depending on the demographic of users. But while these gender differences exist, the use of gender stereotypes is lazy and often offensive to the intended target audience.

There is a better way… (more…)

Why This CXO is Also the Chief Toilet Paper Purchaser


jan zlotnick of sprinklr

This is me buying toilet paper for Sprinklr. Why bother? Why Charmin? Because the first two lessons of being a brand in the social age is: every experience is social. And every experience matters.

A bad experience with one touchpoint can undo the good experiences of all the other touchpoints.

That is why something seemingly insignificant like toilet paper matters. (more…)

The Ten Commandments of Paid Social Media


paid social

This post was written by  Niels Kvaavik, VP Sales – North America, TBG Digital.

Many brands are in a similar position right now in terms of social media maturity. They have established a strong presence on the main social platforms and have committed to content marketing — either setting up dedicated internal teams or working with agencies to deliver and manage their organic social content.

The next step for these brands is the transition to paid social. Here is my list of ten essential processes that will give you the best chance of success in your paid social campaigns: (more…)

The Future of Social Media Command Centers


command center

In 2010, Gatorade launched its Mission Control Center and ignited the command center craze. Armed with six large screens, Gatorade’s marketing team used the command center to stay up-to-date on trends and conversations about the brand, industry, competitors, even nutrition.

Gatorade was widely celebrated for demonstrating the innovative potential of real-time conversations. The praise was well deserved.

But that was 2010. (more…)

NHL Stanley Cup Social Media Trends – Who Won On Social?


Sprinklr Listening NHL Stanley Cup

In this year’s NHL championship game for the Stanley Cup, hockey fans witnessed an east coast-west coast face-off, with the LA Kings battling for the puck against the NY Rangers. The Kings pulled out a win in a thrilling double overtime in Game 5, winning the championship title for the second time in three years. Justin Williams took home the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP, with 9 goals and 16 assists for 25 points in 26 games. (more…)