Sprinklr is really about you.

Seriously, you may not realize it yet, but your need to deal with the greatest business disruption of the past 100 years is what inspired the outlier idea for what Forrester Research called  “the most powerful technology in the market.”

That historic disruption is The Empowered Consumer in this Conversation Economy.

When these two are brought together, brands are at a distinct disadvantage, regardless of their size, market cap or annual revenue. The expectations of the customer have changed. Dramatically. Empowered consumers share their opinions at any time, at virtually no cost.

“Have you been hearing what we’re hearing?”

“You will respect my time and deliver a great experience, no matter where I choose to interact with you: social, digital, call center or front desk…”

“…If you can do that, you have my loyalty and my business. If you cannot, I will tell my friends about my experience with you and find someone who can.”

Sprinklr technology powers the conversation economy. We are a cloud software for brands that want to Manage the Social Customer Experience like their lives depended on it. Across their internal silos- teams, departments, divisions and locations. Beyond any ordinary tool or cobbled together platform, Sprinklr is a native, seamlessly integrated social infrastructure. An infrastructure of 15 modules that allows everyone in the enterprise to see the same view of the customer and respond in one brand voice, across every function, team, department, division and location.

So you know WHO you’re speaking to, WHAT the nature of the relationship is, WHERE any communication have occurred in the past, HOW they prefer to communicate, WHY the interaction is happening and WHEN the last interaction took place.

Brands can no longer survive by just ‘doing social.’ But, with a different vision and edge in technology, they can work with, not against, the empowered consumer. And thrive in the conversation economy by being social, at scale.

The conversation economy represents the new reality: What others say about you carries far more weight than anything you can say about yourself. So, logic holds that if you can’t manage the customer experience at every single touch point, you may as well be driving into the storm of the century with those same old, worse than useless windshield wipers you never replaced.

Lucky thing, we got your new wipers. Apply your new vision here.