RG 271 is coming. Is your
complaints management
solution ready to scale up?

Your responsibilities are about to change. As of 5 October, all financial firms in Australia will be required to respond within 24 hours (1 business day) to any feedback on managed or owned social channels that meets the criteria for a complaint – or risk significant penalties. How can teams keep up across more than 30 digital channels? With a unified, digital-first customer care platform that uses advanced AI and machine learning to create a comprehensive complaint management solution with end-to-end auditability.


of consumers experienced difficulty or formed a negative impression of a financial services firm during the complaints process


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Sift through all messages on more than 30 channels – and identify actionable complaints faster.

Sprinklr Complaints Management auto-classifies interactions to identify and assess sentiment across more channels and in greater depth – using our best-in-class AI and advanced automation to maximise efficiency and productivity gains.

Find the complaints that other systems can’t.

Our patented Social Listening capabilities connect seamlessly with the broadest set of owned and controlled media – so existing social accounts can be turned on in minutes, with digital properties integrated for immediate operational compliance across more than 30 digital channels.

A future-proofed, all-in-one solution for compliance and customer service.

RG 271 doesn’t mean stepping back your social presence. You need to be where your customers are – so Sprinklr helps you support their needs and maintain compliance without managing multiple tools or dealing with complex integrations. Sprinklr even delivers full audit trails to demonstrate your compliance across all digital channels.

How can Sprinklr improve your compliance with RG 271?

Sprinklr provides a comprehensive solution for escalation management, complaint management and dispute resolution. Our patented AI listens to more than 30 digital and social channels, leveraging machine learning models specific to the new financial regulations for responding to social media complaints to categorise messages and route them to the right resource quickly.

Sprinklr Complaints Management also automates intent identification, tagging, sentiment detection and message routing – reducing the need for additional staff to manually triage and classify potential complaints. The result is a no-compromise, social-first solution that helps firms sustain regulatory compliance and tighter service levels with service-level tracking, cross-team visibility and an end-to-end audit trail.

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Unlock the digital-first solution for RG 271 and complaint management with Sprinklr Complaints Management.

Connect with our BFSI specialists to explore how Sprinklr can help you:

Ensure that customer issues are tracked and auditable from start to finish
Clearly identify messages and posts for handling under RG 271
Handle complaints on more than 30 digital and social channels in a single unified platform within the mandated SLAs
Automate message handling and acknowledgements efficiently – at an enterprise scale

Manage customer complaints with a social-first solution.

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Sprinklr’s industry-specific compliance machine learning models use advanced language processing and text analytics to automate message identification, triage and routing.

Learn more

Stay compliant in 2021 – and beyond.

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Historically, only 16% of consumers reported that they messaged companies via social media, but before 2021, social was not a regulated channel covered by the IDR process. RG 271 addresses this gap with increased requirements and tighter timeframes – considerations that Sprinklr Complaints Management is equipped to address at an enterprise scale.

Ensure RG 271 compliance across more than 30 digital and social channels

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We’ve built an IDR-specific solution that takes RG 271 into account – and swiftly integrates all digital channels into your existing Internal Disputes Resolution Platform, CRM and Contact Centre.

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