Welcome to an un-enterprise world.

With the rise of social, customers are connected and empowered like never before.
They advocate. They criticize. With equal – and forceful – power.

What they choose to say is driven by one thing: their experience.
The sum of every interaction with your brand.

It’s time to think differently.


Introducing the new Experience Cloud

Reach, engage, and listen to customers on Facebook, Twitter,
and 23+ other social channels, all on one unified platform. Deliver delight
to every customer, across every channel, every time.

When legacy systems such as email and CRM are plugged into
Sprinklr’s Experience Cloud, customer data that was previously locked
away in silos can be enriched with human context. The benefit: a comprehensive
view of each customer and a system of record for experience.

Seamless. Simple. Standardized.

Using Space Experience, the world’s largest brands can harness Sprinklr’s broad set of solutions in a seamless, standardized, and simple way. Use multiple solutions across different teams to provide the best possible customer experiences. Always.

See how Sprinklr’s clients are thriving
in the un-enterprise world.

Sprinklr works with a wide range of industry leaders to hone its products
and stay on the cutting edge of the customer experience management industry.

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