Is your chatbot bouncing customers? Inaccurate intent detection could be the reason.

Sprinklr’s conversational bots are powered by a 9-layered AI engine that detects customers’ intent with 90% accuracy and engages them with quick, contextual answers.

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What experts say about Sprinklr

Sprinklr Service delivers up to 210% ROI

"With Sprinklr, there is no need to make the hard choice between best-of-breed functionality and a single interface."

Sprinklr Service named Contact Center Leader in the G2 Summer 2023 Report

“Sprinklr is a powerful platform with various features. With their intelligent service such as automated conversation routing, real-time sentiment analysis, customer service improved far more than expected.” 

Sprinklr Insights is Top Rated on TrustRadius

Sprinklr has helped us focus our social media strategy by presenting to us what our audience is talking about and what they care to see from our brand. We can use Sprinklr Insights to quickly and efficiently generate detailed and customizable presentations for our executives concerning brand health, competitor monitoring, the audience listening, and more.” 

9 out of the top 10 most valuable brands trust Sprinklr

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Optimize your bot experience with Sprinklr’s AI-led intent detection

Recognize different customer needs for more context-rich support

Detect intent and sentiment in customer conversations with 91% accuracy. Sprinklr’s conversational AI model keeps getting better over time through data accumulation, constant feedback, and testing.

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Serve customers on 15+ channels using build-once-deploy-all chatbots

Build multilingual bots in minutes using an intuitive chatbot builder and deploy them on all digital channels to speak with one voice. Leverage ready-to-use intents or upload custom intents tailor-made for your use cases, industry, and personas.

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Reduce resolution times with high-deflection, self-service bots

Make it easy for your customers to find helpful information without involving agents. Deflect low-value tickets to self-serve options for quicker resolutions, and free up agents’ time to answer complex queries.

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Market leaders trust Sprinklr to improve their customer support experience


Build intelligent, omnichannel chatbots for 15+ channels

With Sprinklr Service’s free trial, you get unrestricted access to our product, with personalized onboarding, quick channel integration, and in-app assistance round the clock.

Connect Sprinklr Service with 
solutions you already use

Sprinklr integrates seamlessly with 60+ sales, marketing, and automation tools to give you a 360° view of your customers, conversations, data, and insights.

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