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Ragy Thomas, Sprinklr's Founder and Co-CEO, took to the CXUnifiers main stage and talked about the importance of unifying your front office teams — to streamline workflows and meet customer needs more seamlessly. 

Here’s what Ragy talked about: 

  • How Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform is the operating system for the Edge. 
  • Sprinklr’s new innovations: Digital Twin, Surveys, Crisis Management Solution App, VoiceConnect, Project Management & Collaboration, Social Self-Serve as well as Community.
  • How the Sprinklr Digital Twin can help your employees, your teams, and your brand. 

The future of the front office is going to be radically different.

Ragy's Stage

It’s Time to UnifAI!

Brandon Purcell, VP, Principal Analyst, AI & Customer Analytics at Forrester, captivated the audience at CXUnifiers using Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” album as a blueprint for what’s happening, what to do about it, as well as prognosticate about what’s to come with the customer lifecycle. 

Here’s what Brandon talked about: 

  • The customer lifecycle as we know it is collapsing; companies only have fleeting moments to optimize customer experiences 
  • The siloed nature of the business is leading to fractured customer experiences 
  • AI can help companies deliver a unified, harmonious experience 
  • Leverage predictive AI to understand who the customer is and what she may want and need 
  • Adopt generative AI to help create personalized experiences at scale

Brandon Stage

The How on Sprinklr

Buddy Waddington, Sprinklr’s Principal Technologist for AI and Insights, illustrated the necessity for leaders to realize the value of AI now, and offered starting points to embrace AI across 4 main elements of CX. 

Starting points Buddy talked about:  

  • Reimagining content creation via generative AI 
  • Embracing marketing process as the new opportunity for optimization 
  • Surrounding service agents with AI 
  • Unifying unsolicited and AI-first solicited research 

Focusing on AI across CX is the best step toward the future of the front office. 

Buddy Stage

Mastering the AI Age: Building AI-First Businesses

Allie K. Miller, the #1 most followed voice on AI business and a world-leading AI advisor, entrepreneur, and investor, took to the stage to discuss how to master the AI age and build AI-first businesses through vision and action.

Here's what Allie talked about:

  • Four ways the world is changing rapidly through scale, performance, cost, and accessibility.
  • Top AI use cases across traditional AI and generative AI
  • How AI can augment and supercharge every layer of your business, from employee productivity to back-office operations and business-changing offerings.
  • Five ways to build an AI solution for your specific use case.

The future of business is AI-first, and it's going to take the world by storm.

Allie Stage