Inform your social strategy with listening & benchmarking insights

Sprinklr's Social Listening & Benchmarking empowers you to understand your audience, track competitors, and make data-driven decisions

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Quick Search

Dive into billions of social media and web conversations with a simple search

Analyze real-time data, uncover trends, and gain actionable Insights into what your audience is saying about your brand

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Listening Topics

Listen to conversations around specific keyword topics & uncover actionable insights

Create keyword & filter based queries to listen and explore the conversations happening around the world from various social, web & traditional sources

Wide Platform Coverage

Quick Query Setup

Refined Listening

Amplify your listening reach across multiple platforms

Listen to conversation from X, formerly Twitter and Instagram to Facebook, Quora, and Reddit.

Wide Platform Coverage

Listening Insights

Propel your brand with listening based brand insights

Monitor key metrics around your brand, generate competitor reports, and gain a comprehensive understanding of your brand's position in the market

Comprehensive Insights

Discover Crisis Areas

PR Executive Report

Extensive suite of use-case based brand reports

Delve into diverse range of reports and perspectives that enable brands to thoroughly capture their performance and inform their publishing strategy.

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AI-Powered Listening

Harness the power of AI for enhanced social intelligence

AI-driven capabilities empower you to uncover meaningful trends, generate targeted queries & keywords, and Identify trends or spikes based Insights on dashboards

Query & Theme Generation

Effortlessly generate precise topic queries

Automate query building & quickly identify themes using our intelligent AI based prompts
Query & Theme Generation

AI Generated Themes

Utilise AI generated top themes around conversations

Leverage AI generated top positive and negative themes around the topic conversations
AI Generated Themes

Quick Insights

Identify the top drivers for any trend or sudden shift

Identify factors that are contributing towards any deviation or anomaly in volume of any metric

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Deep Insights

Explore conversation clusters with AI-powered deep insights

Get macro level Insights into the competitive landscape for your brand/product and easily identify white spaces & unmet needs, bypassing initial qualitative research and focus groups
Keep up with emerging themes and trends in conversationIdentify main story points and angles from millions of conversations and pick your next content opportunity
Understand topic relations
Drill down to dive deeper into conversation themes & relations
Uncover macro market trends, segment audiences into tribes with ease
Deep Insights

Smart Trends

Get real-time global trends

Smart AI Trends enable you to be alerted and informed about real-time global trends while
being able to filter by different brands and severity of trends

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Listening Alerts

Protect brand reputation & ​avoid PR crises with smart alerts

Setup smart alerts to automatically analyze brand conversations and stay on top of major spikes in volume of
audience mentions, engagement, negative sentiment etc

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Sprinklr is the foundation of our social media strategy. It is our backbone.

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Sprinklr allowed the team to scale its social program to better understand customers and prospects, connect social to real-life experiences, and make the brand more recognizable around the world.

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