Sprinklr Social vs Sprout Social:
which tool is best for you?

Sprinklr Social’s AI-centric capabilities give you an unfair advantage over Sprout Social. You can do more with Sprinklr Social in every critical aspect of social media management — content generation, social listening and engagement — at a fraction of the cost.

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Go beyond basic social capabilities. Experience next-gen social media management.

Do more with GenAI than social content generation

With features like content generation and tone modification, Sprout Social's GenAI can help simplify things for you. But it doesn’t significantly improve your productivity. 

As a marketer using a social media management tool with GenAI capabilities, you expect it to “generate” a lot more than just content. You expect it to help with content ideation, research, editing, and more. 

And that’s what Sprinklr Social offers with its deeply integrated GenAI capabilities. Beyond content generation and tone modification, you can create campaign briefs, get limitless social post ideas, translate content into 8 languages, and more

You can do all this with a few clicks and from a single screen — no more tool switching. Put simply, Sprinklr Social's GenAI capabilities don’t just simplify things for you but also boost your productivity. 

Do more with GenAI than social content generation 

The days of manually sorting hundreds of messages are over

How many hours do you spend sorting your social inbox daily? Probably a lot because Sprout Social allows you to do it manually. 

Social care is very important. Customers discuss brands on social media almost every day, and missing even one negative mention can be risky. They can spread like wildfire and significantly impact your brand reputation. 

So, why waste hours doing things manually when you can put AI to work? Sprinklr Social's advanced AI simplifies managing your social media inbox by:

  • Auto-categorizing messages with extensive sentiment analysis. 
  • Filtering out unnecessary messages even before they reach your inbox. 
  • Handling non-engageable messages automatically via workflows and automation rules. 

The days of manually sorting hundreds of messages are over

Get AI-based built-in social media listening at no extra cost

Millions of conversations happen online around your brand, competitors, and industry. You can’t keep track of everything unless you have a comprehensive social media listening tool with more AI-powered features and better insights. 

Sprinklr Social gives you what you need. Its keyword-based and AI-based listening can help you: 

  • Analyze publicly available data on 10+ channels (including Quora) so you never miss another mention.
  • Get quality insights on brand health, product, audience, competitors and more to inform your business decisions.
  • Get real-time alerts to mitigate risks and protect your brand by proactively managing crises.

Get AI-based built-in social media listening at no extra cost 

Don’t just be on social —

THRIVE on it with Sprinklr Social 

Do MORE with Sprinklr at almost HALF the cost of Sprout 

Easy to use, easy to set up — and easy on your social budget too.

Sprinklr Social vs Sprout Social - Comparison

Get the unfair advantage with Sprinklr Social