Is your customer service really better than your competition?
Is your customer service really better than your competition?

Is your customer service really better than your competition?

80% of companies believe they provide superior customer service, but only 8% of their customers agree.

Are you curious to know what your customers actually think about your service?

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See how you stack up against your competitors

CX Health Analyzer - A free customer service 
benchmarking tool

Understand Customer Sentiment

Determine the sentiment of all social media messages meant for your brand

Measure Response Time

Understand your response times on top social media channels - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Calculate Response Rate

Measure your response rates and identify opportunities to improve customer experience

Identify Top Drivers

Find out factors that can deflect higher volume of future tickets.

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Outwit your competition by providing radically personalized support

With Sprinklr's Modern Care Lite you’re ready to provide exceptional support on 15+ channels — social, messaging, digital, email, and voice. In less than 10 minutes.

Empower your agents

Provide advanced assistance and guided workflows to maximize their first contact resolutions.

Offer unified care

With a 360-degree view, get access to all your customers and 3rd party systems - CRM, Jira, Slack and more.

Anticipate customer needs

Optimise your support efforts to reduce the volume of your future tickets.

The world’s most customer-obsessed brands rely on Sprinklr to delight their customers

We’ll look at an interaction and say, “Okay, we solved their problem, and now that they're leaving in this great state, we can actually track both those successes, as well as how far we moved the customer along a spectrum — from frustration to, hopefully, elation.”

Ken Madrigal
Social Engagement Strategy Leader

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“Our focus wasn’t just sorting out each customer as they come, but actually looking at what they were talking about, and what we could do to help customers self serve. With Sprinklr, we were able to actually unearth these insights and mend customer inquiries quicker.”

Lisa Boyles
Social Media Manager

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"Sprinklr’s unified platform enables Uber to engage with and serve our global customers, at scale, so that we have a singular brand voice while providing a first-class customer experience whenever support is needed."

John Marston
Global Head of Social Media Care

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Connect Sprinklr Modern Care Lite with tools you already use

Sprinklr integrates seamlessly with 60+ sales, marketing, and automation tools to give you a 360° view of your customers, conversations, data, and insights.

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