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How Uber achieves industry-leading SLA and response times

Company Size
20,000+ employees
San Francisco, California
reduction in first response time 
improvement in case response SLA
seconds reduction in average case handling time

The Challenge

Uber has experienced massive growth since it was founded in 2009 and now operates in more than 10,000 cities across 71 countries on six continents.

Even as the company expands its network around the globe, it has stood out for its ability to efficiently engage and serve its customers. When the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, it had a huge impact on movement, as people around the world stayed home. But Uber opted to use this down time to its advantage: to refresh its approach to delivering global customer care at scale, so that when business rebounded, the company was more prepared than ever to serve its customers.

In an effort to optimize the happiness and loyalty of its customers, Uber looked for a customer experience management solution that would:

  • Enable global teams to efficiently manage and publish brand content across multiple channels and from hundreds of social handles
  • Help its rapid response team to proactively listen for critical safety concerns and route them to appropriate teams for resolution
  • Allow agents to serve more customers faster from a single, unified platform

The Solution

Uber has partnered with Sprinklr to evolve its customer experience management journey since 2014.

Sprinklr’s unified platform enables Uber to engage with and serve our global customers, at scale, so that we have a singular brand voice while providing a first-class customer experience whenever support is needed.

John Marston image
John Marston,
Global Head of Social Media Care, External Tools, and Systems Administration
, Uber

That’s when its marketing team implemented Sprinklr Social to publish brand content from hundreds of global social handles across multiple continents. In 2018, as Uber saw exponential growth around the world, it added 600 more seats for community managers to handle the growing volume of customer inquiries. That same year, Uber added Sprinklr Insights, so that a new rapid-response care team could proactively listen for critical safety concerns across the digital and social channels where its customers might speak up. It also implemented an advanced rule engine design to listen to online conversations, detect high-priority issues, and instantly route them to the right person for resolution.

When John Marston took over Global Social Media Care for Uber in April 2020, he put an even sharper focus on customer service and safety. Marston expanded Uber’s use of Sprinklr AI to further scale his team’s ability to triage and respond to the company’s now massive volume of inbound customer service requests.

In October 2021, Uber launched Sprinklr Service, ramping up to more than 1,000 agents around the globe with the goal of providing immediate, proactive customer service, at scale, and with a human touch. Sprinklr AI identifies the most important of the roughly four million inbound messages Uber receives each year across Facebook, X, formerly Twitter, and Instagram. Today, Uber is in the process of implementing Advocacy, which enables employees to choose from a curated library of approved content to share relevant, on-brand posts from their own social media accounts. Scaling brand messaging organically through employees’ personal social channels not only increases reach and customer trust but also helps Uber to enhance its position as an employer-of-choice in a highly competitive recruiting environment.

The Outcome

As Uber continues to experience massive global growth, Sprinklr’s unified customer experience (Unified-CXM) platform has scaled with it.

Today, Sprinklr helps Uber to support its social teams and customer service agents around the world, as they engage with and serve the company’s growing number of customers. Uber’s intense focus on customer service is paying off, as its customers experience the company’s industry-leading response rate and case resolution time. Sprinklr Service has already saved agents more than 4,000 hours since launch and has reduced Uber’s first response time by 33%. The number of cases that agents reply to within Uber’s SLA has increased by 8%, while the average case handle time has gone down by nearly a minute and a half.

“Sprinklr’s unified platform enables Uber to engage with and serve our global customers, at scale, so that we have a singular brand voice while providing a first-class customer experience whenever support is needed,” says Marston.