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Transitioning out of Social Studio? 

Learn why Sprinklr Social could be a great choice for you. 

For years, Salesforce’s Social Studio offered a powerful solution to manage, schedule, create, and monitor social media posts. With the Sprinklr and Salesforce platform partnership, organizations can experience the same advanced social media management across 30+ modern channels.  

When it comes to serving the world’s biggest brands, 
Sprinklr shares Salesforce’s vision

Over 5 years of successful integration

Sprinklr is helping enterprises gain visibility into customer support issues and contact information through integration with Salesforce for over five years. 

Creating a truly unified view of the customer

The Sprinklr and Salesforce platform partnership helps the world's largest enterprises adopt a unified approach to CXM and CRM to provide better customer experiences.

Solving the most unique challenges

Together, Sprinklr and Salesforce empower customers to analyze unstructured, real-time social data to inform marketing, product, and service.


Leaders in their own right

Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. 

And when it comes to managing social media for the most iconic brands, Sprinklr Social remains the undisputed leader.

With a user-friendly interface, built-in listening, integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and unmatched scalability, Sprinklr Social enables teams of all sizes to manage their social media needs with ease and at scale. 

The only platform that is truly optimized for teams of all sizes

Find your perfect fit with Sprinklr Social’s Self-Service and Enterprise plans 

Smaller teams looking for simple social media management at scale can leverage Sprinklr Social’s self-service version. For large enterprise teams with cross-functional needs, Sprinklr Social’s Enterprise platform offers scalability to fit the most unique business needs. 


The most advanced self-service solution in the market

Make your social media management simpler, smarter, and better 

Sprinklr Social’s self-service version comes with a simpler UI, out-of-the-box listening, and OpenAI’s ChatGPT integration to help smaller social media teams deliver content faster and with fewer resources. 


Unmatched scalability for the biggest enterprises 

Navigate complex business needs with a truly enterprise-grade social media management 

For over a decade, the world’s largest enterprises have partnered with Sprinklr Social for its wider channel coverage, enterprise-grade configurability, global governance, in-depth analytics and a truly unified-CXM. 


Unified-CXM to bring together all customer facing functions

Sprinklr Social fosters cross-team collaboration and visibility every step of the way 

One platform to publish and engage across social and digital channels, amplify reach with employee advocacy and track performance with advanced analytics — while bringing together insights, marketing and service to deliver consistently positive customer experiences. 


Platform-wide access to industry-leading Sprinklr AI 

Sprinklr AI helps you understand intent with over 80% accuracy and take action on 30+ channels 

Address your customer needs while staying on-brand, on-target and on-schedule — no matter what the channel. Leverage 750+ in-built AI models to make sense of unstructured data on 30+ channels as well as 60+ industry verticals. 


Industry experts vouch for Sprinklr’s path-breaking products

Sprinklr Service delivers up to 210% ROI

"With Sprinklr, there is no need to make the hard choice between best-of-breed functionality and a single interface."

G2 Top 50 Products for Customer Service

“The only way for your business to connect on social. Sprinklr has a simple interface. Love it!”

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