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Outsmart Adversity – 2023

Insights and trends from 500 global marketing leaders across industries

4 big trends for 2023

It's time to future-proof your CX

36% of marketers are witnessing a rise in their marketing budgets. An equal number of marketers also report an increase in their marketing technology spend.

Nearly 60% of marketing leaders say they’re able to convince CFOs to invest in marketing and not reduce the budget.

2 in 3 marketing leaders strongly agree that it’s imperative for CMOs and CIOs to collaborate this year to develop a competitive advantage with CX.

53% of CEOs, 49% of head of sales and 44% of line-of-business leaders pay close attention to customer lifetime value when making strategic decisions.

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Hear it from our customers

9 out of the top 10 most valuable brands trust Sprinklr

We are primarily listening for themes. What are people talking about in a product release, and what hits? Of those 20 new features we just put out, what are people most excited about, and what are the solutions that they're mentioning?

Tyler Smith

Senior Program Manager, Commercial Sales and Marketing Engineering


Differentiate your brand in a cluttered market

Capabilities that will put you ahead of your competitors

Leverage AI and data to scale CX

  • Turn AI-powered listening into a competitive advantage

  • Build your business with real-time customer insights

  • Reduce risk and protect your brand


Improve brand equity and future-proof your revenue

  • Help social media managers achieve more with AI

  • Change social from a conversation driver to a revenue driver

  • Protect your brand reputation with enterprise-grade governance


Optimize resources to drive marketing efficiency and ROI

  • Improve the speed of content delivery by 40%

  • Increase campaign ROI by 20%

  • Ensure consistent brand messaging across 30+ channels


Your immersive future starts here

Learn how to outsmart adversity and win big with Sprinklr

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