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Wells Fargo ensures consistent brand voice and seamless customer experience across all social channels

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The Challenge

Multinational financial services giant Wells Fargo is one of the world’s top banking brands. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the bank is focused on building a stronger, better economy while serving customers at the highest standards.

When David Encizo joined Wells Fargo as VP of social media marketing technology and operations, his goal was to help the company better manage the risk and governance associated with social media marketing. To do this, he wanted to pare down the number of tools and technologies that were being used across the organization and better connect Wells Fargo teams. According to Encizo, the high-performing teams that he was supporting were seeing more friction and data redundancy because they were working in technology silos.

“We wanted to change that,” he says. “We wanted to operate with as few tools as possible, but still deliver world class capabilities and functionality to the enterprise teams focusing on social.”

Encizo was looking for a cohesive solution that:

  • Would help Wells Fargo to consolidate disparate social media marketing processes and workstreams into a single, cohesive, strategic technology to empower publishing and advertising, social listening, customer care, reporting, and insights
  • Could perform key intelligence functions to help mitigate brand risk and that was compliant with industry standards and regulations
  • Unified data across all social media activities and enabled holistic reporting and business insights across paid, organic, and earned social activity
  • Improved routing and prioritization of inbound customer service inquiries while allowing the team to better humanize the bank’s digital brand
  • Would innovate with AI and scale, as Wells Fargo looks to solve communication challenges for other lines of business

The Solution

Wells Fargo implemented Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management platform, replacing four single-point solutions. This path enables the bank to provide a consistent, 360-degree customer experience, at scale, in a way that is safe for the brand and compliant.

The bank’s social marketing and social care teams now work on a common platform, where they plan and publish social content; create and manage advertising campaigns; listen to online conversations to glean actionable insights; and provide customer service to the bank’s more than 70 million customers. Working from a single, unified platform, Wells Fargo’s social teams can ensure a consistent brand voice across all social channels by leveraging the Sprinklr platform to deploy enterprise-class governance to all their workstreams. The bank has implemented all four of Sprinklr’s product suites, completely enabling social-focused teams across the enterprise. Below are four key ways the bank uses Sprinklr.

Social media teams and employees amplify Wells Fargo messaging on social channels

First and foremost, Encizo needed to ensure that all social marketing activity was safe for the Wells Fargo brand and was compliant. Social Publishing and Engagement, part of Sprinklr Social, now enables Encizo’s social media team to efficiently plan, publish and manage brand content across multiple social channels — all from one common platform and with enterprise-grade governance. They then measure and respond to customer engagement efficiently, using automated workflows and engagement dashboards that can be shared across teams.

Wells Fargo also uses Sprinklr’s Employee Advocacy product, providing employees with a curated library of approved brand content and encouraging them to share it out on their own social channels. By empowering and activating its most vocal and knowledgeable brand advocates — its employees — the bank is able to magnify its brand and cultural social content and increase positive discussion happening around the Wells Fargo brand.

“Our employees are some of our best advocates,” explains Encizo. “Enabling them to go to the Wells Fargo Advocate Portal to choose content that they can easily share out on their personal social accounts allows us to amplify and affirm the Wells Fargo brand in a really authentic way.”

Social Advertising enables compliant, brand-safe campaigns

Encizo’s teams also use Social Advertising, part of Sprinklr Sprinklr Marketing, to maximize return on ad spend through precise data and technology integrations while minimizing brand risk. With Social Advertising, all tasks related to paid media campaign activity are automated and managed in one place. Working from one unified platform, Encizo is able to empower the team to maintain visibility and accountability across all marketing activities and channels, while the campaign managers have a single source of truth to plan, track, and execute campaigns that contribute to pipeline and revenue goals. Streamlined and consistent workflows with clear approval processes minimize business risk across all social accounts and throughout the advertising publishing cycle.

Providing seamless, omnichannel customer service

Wells Fargo implemented Social Care from Sprinklr Service, creating a unified front office for social channels that enables agents to help customers quickly and efficiently, regardless of which channel they use to contact the bank. Agents now work completely in the Agent Console, where Sprinklr AI-Powered Agent Assist automates a high volume of decisions and actions — helping Wells Fargo increase revenue opportunities, reduce costs, and manage risk. AI-powered automated tagging routes cases to available agents, and pre-approved, suggested messages enable them to respond quickly. These message suggestions are part of Sprinklr’s Smart Responses capability, which enables customer service agents to handle cases quickly and efficiently, while giving consumers the more personalized experiences that they expect. Then, Sprinklr Smart Compliance checks to ensure each response is accurate and compliant. Finally, Sprinklr Intuition Moderation capability helps to categorize customer inquiries and store them for future auditability. With Sprinklr Service, Wells Fargo agents maintain a consistent voice as they efficiently handle customer inquiries across eight owned, brand social channels.

Using competitive benchmarking to stay ahead of competitors

Competitive Insights & Benchmarking, from Sprinklr Insights, enables the Wells Fargo Social teams to continuously track the brand’s social performance and see how it stacks up against competitors and other best-in-class brands. Encizo says Benchmarking delivers granular insights that go beyond engagement metrics and number of posts to identify opportunities and strategies that help Wells Fargo stay ahead of competitors. Benchmarking has also given the bank the ability to analyze aspirational brands outside of the financial services industry to observe their social media and customer care strategies.

“Benchmarking is a silent win that snuck in,” says Encizo. “It’s easy to use, and dashboards are an effective way to present data to leadership. We get a ton of questions like, ‘How do we stack up against this or that?’ and the ease with which we can add additional brands on the fly is why adoption has been really significant.”

The Outcome

Wells Fargo consolidated four point solutions when it implemented Sprinklr with the goal of operating with as few tools as possible while still delivering world-class capabilities and functionality to enterprise teams that focus on social.

We were able to pare down from four technology solutions to one and eliminate millions of dollars in contractual expenses for single-point solutions. The way I describe it is that we now have our social data house in order.”

David Encizo
David Encizo,
VP, Social Media Marketing Technology and Operations
, Wells Fargo

“We were able to pare down from four technology solutions to one and eliminate millions of dollars in contractual expenses for single-point solutions,” says Encizo. “The way I describe it is that we now have our social data house in order.”

Today, Wells Fargo's social team is focused on engaging with customers on social channels, while the bank’s care agents provide customer service on those same channels. With Social Listening, the social team listens to millions of conversations a year and monitors hundreds of social accounts for the purpose of benchmarking. In addition, the bank’s own brand messaging is amplified by thousands of employee advocates who share content from their own social accounts.