Social eXperience Management

These days, the difference between doing social and being social for major global brands is the ability to manage each customer’s social experience across every area of your organization.

That Means

Nurturing millions of digital relationships across social networks…

with a single brand voice no matter what part of the company your customers are talking with.

That Means

Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, PR, and every other department…

must share a unified view of customers across hundreds of social channels.

That Means

You’re able to track, measure, and guide social efforts…

across teams, departments, divisions, and locations to drive critical business goals.

But getting there requires more than scattered sets of cobbled software tools and good intentions.
It takes real social relationship infrastructure.

And to help you build this infrastructure, we designed and built a set of social software modules around one core architecture. By applying the right mix and configuration of these “building blocks”, we implement what Conversation, Community, Content, Campaigns, and Collaboration should look like for every one of your business lines, including Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, PR, Events, and Crisis Management.



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Standard Modules

enterprise social publishing tools
social asset management for content strategy
Sprinklr Mobile Apps
social reporting and analytics
enterprise governance
social automation
social media engagement
distributed social module
social customer relationship management

Premium Modules

social enterprise integration