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HyperSpace transforms social media management, improves engagement by 642%

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increase in engagement
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The Challenge

Dubai-based HyperSpace is a future-forward entertainment company that invents, builds and operates next-generation entertainment attractions that combine elements of video games, social media and Web3 culture.

With a primary target audience of ages 13 to 35, it uses social media to reach and engage with followers. This requires robust social media management tools. 

HyperSpace aimed to find a unified solution that could facilitate collaboration among its marketing, support, sales and PR teams. The team sought a comprehensive, customizable and user-friendly platform covering social publishing, community management, social listening and reporting. This platform would empower the cross-functional team to effortlessly publish and schedule content, engage with their audience and extract valuable insights for informed decision-making.

The Solution

HyperSpace switched to Sprinklr, which provided the social media management capabilities the team needed to maximize its impact across channels.

After onboarding to Sprinklr Social Self-Serve, HyperSpace was able to handle publishing, community management, social listening and reporting with a single solution. The company now uses Sprinklr to manage content on Facebook, Google Business Profile, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and X.

“Overall, in terms of alignment on data, this is a success story for me. That I can go to one source and get everything means this has been a win,” says Jumana Al-Salim, Marketing Manager at HyperSpace.

Social publishing made easier 
For publishing, HyperSpace uses Sprinklr's Editorial Calendar to plan content and schedule posts across social channels. It also leverages Sprinklr AI+, which integrates with ChatGPT to generate captions, reword content, fix spelling and grammar, translate posts and change the tone of captions as needed.

More seamless engagement 
HyperSpace’s customer care team handles community management through Sprinklr’s Inbox Module to quickly respond to queries from fans and customers across social channels. This allows the team to effectively interact with its audience on social media, promptly resolve issues and foster lasting relationships with its customers. Search and filter features, along with tasks, message automations and a host of other capabilities, make customer communications easier.

Effective social listening 

Social Listening allows HyperSpace to understand which messages are connecting with its audience and where there are gaps. “Sprinklr helps us consolidate and see conversations that are happening. And you can tell when people are missing something, such as an event location, having ticketing issues, or if they’re saying that something is too expensive,” says Al Salim. “The social listening tool consolidates all of this for me and makes it easier for me to report on complaints I’m receiving.”

With Topics Reports, HyperSpace can access comprehensive metrics on its social media presence, including the frequency of brand mentions across social channels. Moreover, these reports provide invaluable insights into sentiment analysis, news coverage and brand-related discussions, enabling HyperSpace to delve deeper into the nuances of its online reputation. Additionally, the audience insights offered by these reports enable HyperSpace to gain a deeper understanding of its brand's demographic reach and the individuals engaging with its content.

Facilitating reporting needs 
Having a social media management solution that facilitates seamless reporting has been essential for Al Salim and her team to understand campaign performance, monitor brand health and improve its social media efforts. Through Sprinklr, HyperSpace enjoys effective, out-of-the-box reporting with insights on its reach, engagement and audience.

With campaign creation and management built into the platform, HyperSpace has access to reporting insights around how well its campaigns are doing. Platform Performance reports provide insights around how well the company’s social media campaigns are performing in terms of engagement, reach, content and audience insights. Meanwhile, Brand Insights reports help HyperSpace benchmark performance against competitors on important KPIs, such as brand awareness, sentiment, brand health, PR efforts, content strategy and more.

The Outcome

After switching to Sprinklr, the team at HyperSpace quickly adapted to the platform, resulting in better organization, cleaner workflows and increased efficiency in social media management.

The team appreciates Sprinklr’s direct and straightforward approach, making content creation and publishing, social listening and reporting more accessible. By providing a single source for data and contributing to a smoother social media management experience, Sprinklr has helped HyperSpace achieve:

  • A 642% increase in social post engagement within 30 days of launching Sprinklr Social Self-Serve — from 11,013 likes, reactions, comments and shares to 82,900.
  • A 1,150% increase in earned engagement, going from 236 likes, reactions, comments and shares to 2,095.
  • An increase of 38 million organic impressions, going from 455,051 to 38.95 million.

In conversations about its brand, HyperSpace saw overall sentiment improve after implementation as well, with a 43% increase in positive sentiment and no negative sentiment detected, which constitutes a 100% decrease.