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Sprinklr AI+: The power of Generative AI, within Sprinklr

Empower your marketing and customer service teams with the best AI technologies and tools, powered by Sprinklr AI, Google Cloud’s Vertex AI and OpenAI’s GPT models. One platform. One AI. One brand.
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Sprinklr AI+ powers iconic brands

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One AI

Unlock the next level of automation.

Sprinklr AI+ powers all new capabilities and use cases that can enhance productivity, boost the quality of insights and interactions, and drive automation across front-office functions.


Empower customer-facing teams with effortless AI.

With Sprinklr AI+, customer-facing teams can utilize Generative AI capabilities with just a few clicks, without the need to learn new workflows or constantly switch between multiple screens.

One Operating System

Future-proof your AI technology stack.

Sprinklr’s ability to seamlessly integrate with new AI offerings ensures you always have access to the latest and most advanced Generative AI technologies such as Google Cloud’s Vertex AI and OpenAI.

Achieve 90%+ accuracy with Sprinklr AI

Sprinklr’s specialized AI models are the quickest way to bring AI into your front office, driving productivity, better decision-making and more seamless experiences for your marketing and customer service teams.


Boost agent productivity and enhance self-service capabilities with Sprinklr AI+

Generative AI is seamless woven into Sprinklr Service workflows to ensure an intuitive, unified and consistent user experience.

Empower agents to resolve customer queries faster and better

Boost your agents’ productivity and first-call resolution rate by optimizing responses for tone, relevance and accuracy. Enable your agents to extract answers from the Knowledge Base while also automating case summarization and disposition.


Quickly deploy and scale generative AI-powered conversational bots

Improve self-serve rates with deeply contextual and relevant responses powered by Conversational AI+ bots. Automate discovery of top contact drivers, intent creation and bot testing for faster deployment.


Automate quality monitoring and get recommended actions along with insights

Train agents more effectively and ensure consistent interaction quality with customized AI scoring parameters. Drive better CX and decision-making by surfacing insights, along with root causes and recommended actions.


Supercharge productivity of marketing teams with Sprinklr AI+

Generative capabilities are deeply integrated into Sprinklr Insights, Sprinklr Marketing and Sprinklr Social suites to drive use cases like content ideation, copy creation and review, translation and more.

Get to insights faster with Sprinklr AI+

Get key insights with clear actionable recommendations. Get summaries of articles, blog posts and long-form content. Instantly create listening queries and keyword variations to capture unstructured conversations.


Generate campaign ideas and develop strategies in a few clicks

Speed up tasks across the campaign lifecycle by generating campaign briefs, descriptions, hashtags, channel-specific posts and more.


Generate channel-specific content across formats instantly

Generate content across channels, ensure faster replies with response simplification and modification, and simplify content reviews with AI-powered grammar and tone checks.


Safeguard your data with enterprise-grade security and data handling

Robust governance, data privacy and security to protect your IP, mitigate potential risks and ensure brand and regulatory compliance.

What data is shared with third-party generative AI vendors?

Only data that is actively entered into Sprinklr AI+ is shared with the third-party vendors supporting the feature. For instance, if you reword a response using Sprinklr AI+ only the wording entered to be reworded will be shared with the third-party vendor


Can data be anonymized before being shared?

Sprinklr AI+ masks dates and times, email IDs, URLs, IP Addresses, driving licenses, common medical license numbers, etc. Further, Sprinklr’s regex masking capabilities can also accommodate customer-specific requirements around data masking.


Mitigating risk, preventing "AI hallucinations"

Sprinklr minimizes the possibility of “AI hallucinations” and other similar risks with various guardrails, including prompt engineering.

Sprinklr’s commitment to Responsible AI

Crafting stellar customer experiences with robust governance

Sprinklr’s commitment to Responsible AI
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