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Social Asset Management

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could share, re-use and re-discover precious social content across enterprise teams, departments, divisions, and locations thereby reducing effort and amortizing discovery and production costs time and time again? Now you can.

social asset management


Social Asset Management helps you:
  • Maximize your investment in content sourcing and production
  • Manage your multimedia content and deployment across all social channels
  • Share and reuse winning content across the organization
  • Pull consistent aggregated content metrics across all social networks
  • Surface top performing content and producers across your company

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Social Asset Management – or SAM – is a treasure trove of multimedia content management features covering content deployment, sharing, suggestion, and measurement across teams, departments, divisions, and locations. SAM manages posts, photos, videos, links, documents, message templates, geo-targets, and text on all your active social channels and supports content curation and suggestion as well. SAM also tracks individual asset metrics across channels to help drive content optimization, channel placement, and tactics.

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