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Social CRM

Are your social customers and prospects already in your CRM? Can you pull one up and his associated history on the fly from your CRM in the middle of a social conversation? Can you get case context from a Twitter exchange? If you’re not connecting social dots to your existing CRM, you’re not getting a 360 unified view of customers. That’s direct brand impact. Because your customers surely notice the disconnect.

social crm - customer relationship management


Social CRM helps you:
  • Share a unified view of your customers across hundreds of social channels
  • Preserve your hard-earned social data by integrating it with your legacy backend CRM
  • Build unified 360 profile views of your customers over time

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Using configurable software “connectors” known as the Sprinklr Marketplace, we integrate tightly with your existing CRM backend at the API level. This allows us to map digital identities and conversation contexts to existing fields in your database. Or create new entries as you discover them. This includes contacts, cases, and leads. Whatever your existing CRM taxonomy might look like, we can map to it.

social crm customer relationship management social customer relationships