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100+ Honda teams leverage Sprinklr to connect with the new generation of car buyers


Our goal is to connect authentically with this new generation of car buyers.

This means we listen to the voices of people in the world and proactively engage in relevant conversations. Having a single workflow across channels — from phone to social media to live chat, chatbot and voice — enables a true omnichannel contact center.

Yoshiaki Inoue

Chief of Honda

Manage your end-to-end customer experience on one unified platform Sprinklr

Omnichannel Marketing & AdvertisingConsistent Dealership ExperienceDigital ConciergeVehicle and Dealership Insights

Omnichannel Marketing & Advertising

Sprinklr puts you in front of 92% of digital-native car buyers

Scalable content distribution

AI-driven campaign optimization

Industry-specific AI model

Scalable content distribution

Publish on 30+ social platforms with one tool simultaneously, reusing top-performing content to bring down your production costs by 40%.

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Consistent Dealership Experience

Deliver a localized yet consistent brand experience across your dealership networks

Pre-approved asset library

Simplified local advertising

Reputation management

Pre-approved asset library

Make brand-approved content easily accessible to all your dealerships, standardizing your brand voice across the globe.

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Digital Concierge

Sprinklr helps you delight your customers with proactive post-sales experience

Conversation analysis

Real-time updates

AI-led call routing

Identify top call drivers

Unlike other vendors, Sprinklr analyzes 100% of your service calls to uncover top reasons for customer dissatisfaction, enabling you to resolve them with FAQs and self-serve tools.

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Sprinklr transforms raw customer and dealership data into actionable insights that drive excellence

Dealership Experience Insights

Improve customer satisfaction through understanding customer feedback about dealerships.

Vehicle Experience Insights

Grow revenue by analyzing customer feedback on vehicles in comparison to competitors.

Visual Insights

Protect your brand reputation and monitor the effectiveness of sponsorships by automatically surfacing uses of your logo.

Customer & Service Insights

Quantify brand equity with real-time understanding of brand awareness, product perception, customer loyalty, and user satisfaction.

Sprinklr is recognized by analysts as an industry standard in helping enterprises make customers happier.

Forrester report names Sprinklr a stand-alone CCaaS solution in high-tech, financial, and consumer products.

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