“Irrelevance is poison, especially for digital customers.”

Howard Tiersky
Digital Transformation Influencer
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CX-WISE Podcast

How Howard Pictures AI to Weed Out Irrelevance in CX

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In the world of rapid innovation, one thing is clear: what works today won't be enough to win over digital customers tomorrow. So, how should brands and marketers arm themselves to deliver dynamic and personalized experiences that customers desire?

Get CX-WISER with Howard Tiersky as he unearths expert insights on:

  • How CX influences buying decisions
  • How brands can inspire customer love
  • How to marry data with storytelling for great CX
  • How to integrate design thinking for agents and customers
  • The role of customer research in delivering great CX

... and so much more on digital transformation! Tune in to learn how to propel your brand towards digital success.

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CX is a Love Story: Howard Tiersky Tells the Tale of Winning Customers’ Hearts

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