Maximize contact center productivity at minimal costs

Unify your customer service capabilities across voice, digital and social channels on one platform. Use AI to improve agent productivity, direct customers to self-serve channels and reduce your contact center costs.

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Redefine customer service with a proactive, digital-first approach

Unlock efficiency with digital-first service experiences

Enable customers to successfully resolve issues by themselves with easy-to-use self-service options. Reduce ticket-handling costs by deflecting conversations to digital channels, and improve overall contact center productivity.

Digital first service experiences

Use AI to automate routine tasks and boost agent productivity

Equip your agents with AI-powered insights. Get real-time suggestions for the next best action and contextual recommendations on a single screen. Automate routine tasks and keep agents readily available for complex customer queries.

Boost agent productivity

Predict and address customer needs proactively

Use AI-powered contact center intelligence to recognize customer intent, predict issues and provide proactive service. Anticipate customer needs and communicate proactively.

Proactive customer service

Make your contact center a strategic differentiator

Drive proactive engagement, automate agent workflows, deliver channel-less experiences and uncover opportunities for growth and transformation.

Omnichannel contact center

Deliver consistent, exceptional service experiences across digital, social and voice channels with a truly omnichannel AI-native platform


Customer Self-service

Empower customers to resolve their issues themselves with powerful and easily accessible self-service solutions, such as AI-powered bots, communities and knowledge base.

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Digital customer service

Drive digital-first customer support across 30+ channels including social and messaging channels, live chat, text and email. Give agents a 360° view of each customer on a unified platform. 


Outbound campaign management

Reach out to customers and prospects proactively on the channel of their choice. Drive campaign outcomes effectively with 100% compliant, AI-powered dialers. 

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Workforce engagement management

Create and maintain a high-performance environment for agents by optimizing their schedules, automating quality management and personalizing their learning.

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Contact center intelligence

Get actionable insights from every customer conversation across channels. Identify opportunities to improve agent performance, and provide feedback and contextual training.

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Social customer service

Unify conversations from 24+ social channels into a single inbox. Offer quick, seamless and automated support at scale on social media platforms. 


Conversational commerce

Expand your commerce capabilities across 30+ channels and leverage best-in-class AI to boost conversion rates.

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Proactive digital engagement

Deliver great customer experiences with proactive outbound notifications across 30+ channels, including live chat.

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The power of a unified platform

Unify all contact center functions and tools on a single platform. Enable your teams to deliver consistent experiences across channels.

Leverage one space for all business-critical insights

Simplify contact center operations with a unified platform

Unify case management, conversational AI, analytics and quality management to eliminate the need for any other point solution. 

Speed up the process of data to insights
to action

Expand customer service coverage on all preferred channels

Add new channels seamlessly and scale experiences with the broadest coverage of customer service capabilities across 30+ channels.

cross-functional collaboration & agility

Ensure seamless customer experiences irrespective of the channel

Get a unified view of the customer with Sprinklr's channel-less architecture that’s powered by a unified data layer. Deliver consistent experiences even when customers switch from one channel to another. 

Power your ecosystem with extensive integrations

Leverage AI with industry-leading accuracy across customer service functions

Deploy unified AI models tailored to specific industries, and effortlessly scale them across use cases, channels and functions to enhance contact center productivity. Fast-track insights and improve efficiency with Sprinklr's 1,250+ AI models. 

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