“AI is actually the opposite of a differentiator for brands — it is a leveler.”

Jay Baer
CX Leader
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CX-WISE Podcast

How Jay Baer Mixes AI, Tequila and CX for the Ultimate Social Media Cocktail

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In this episode, Jay Baer dishes out the details on how brands can achieve word-of-mouth marketing through exceptional CX. It's the perfect starting point for brands wanting to make their presence felt on short-form content platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Get CX-WISER with Jay as he unearths expert insights on: 

  • The uncertainty gap and its effect on digital customers  
  • Leveraging AI to improve customer satisfaction and engagement  
  • Addressing borderline personalization disorder challenges 
  • Creating talk triggers  
  • Understanding the YOUtility mindset for brands  

And so much more on social media marketing. Tune in now!

Episode Highlights
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Raising a Glass to CX with Jay Baer’s Wisdom on Speed, Strategy and Satisfaction

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