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Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Learn how your business can leverage CCaaS to design a scalable communication solution that improves customer and agent experience.

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What is CCaaS?

Contact center as a service (CCaaS) is a public, cloud-hosted alternative to on-premise contact centers. By accessing contact center software that is hosted in the cloud, companies can leverage a cost-effective and scalable solution to support customers across multiple channels — including live chat, phone, email, SMS, and social media. A typical CaaS platform offers call queueing, interactive voice response (IVR), call recording, and analytics.

How is CCaaS different from an on-premise contact center?

CCaaS is a digital-first solution for customer experience that differs from a traditional on-premise contact center in many ways. Unlike an onsite contact center solution, CCaaS is:

  • Faster to set up, maintain, and scale 

  • More affordable with lower cost of ownership, operations, and maintenance

  • Less dependent on the client’s IT and network experts 

  • Contract-bound to meet compliance, uptime service level agreements (SLAs), and data security

  • More reliable for business continuity and disaster planning

What are the benefits of CCaaS?

By adopting CCaaS, your business can enjoy multiple benefits.

  • Reduce infrastructure cost. Hosting and managing support infrastructure on premise is costly, requiring a dedicated workforce and frequent maintenance activities. By moving your contact center to the cloud, you can lower costs and maximize your profit margin.

  • Maintain guaranteed uptime. Reliable CCaaS providers deliver guaranteed uptime to customers without charging a premium for it. Additionally, they cover for unplanned contingencies such as bad weather, power outages, and equipment failures to ensure maximum business continuity.

  • Scale operations on demand. You can add or remove agent seats and functionalities as needed and pay only for what you consume — giving you the option to scale your operations up and down easily to account for seasonal fluctuations in volume. 

  • Track agent performance from the platform. CCaaS platforms are designed to capture agent interactions and use them to generate performance analytics that can be leveraged to detect skill gaps in your agents and shape their training strategy. 

  • Faster response times. A CCaaS platform centralizes all your customer interactions from phone, chat, email, tickets, or social media so your agents can respond quickly — without switching between multiple, disconnected tools/apps.

  • Personalize support with conversation history. With customer data housed in the cloud, CCaaS gives a 360-degree customer view to agents and empowers them to respond to customers with context wherever, whenever.

Discover why AI is a must have for Care Agents

Sprinklr’s CCaaS solution delights users with a seamless, unified customer experience

Contact centers deploying point solutions for different customer touchpoints aren’t able to provide agents with a holistic customer view or managers with a unified performance dashboard. The result: A bumpy customer experience and inefficient quality management. Sprinklr’s contact center software is powered by a unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform that brings customer interactions and insights from 30+ channels together on one platform — empowering organizations to delight customers with a harmonious brand experience. Its standout features include:

With Sprinklr’s next generation CCaaS, your business can deliver a consistent customer experience across modern channels while balancing operational costs.

Start your free trial of Modern Care Lite

Find out how Sprinklr helps businesses deliver a premium experience on 13+ channels, using foundational AI so you can listen, route, resolve, and measure — across the customer experience.

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