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Prior to Sprinklr, we were using a number of point solutions. But it was causing our team to look here, look there… all very disruptive and very different from the flow we have today, which is going into one centralized platform. Engaging, publishing, reporting, insights — all in one place.

Katrina Munsell

Director of Customer Experience Center


Product InsightsDemand GenerationProactive Crisis ManagementDigital-first Customer Delight

Product Insights

Build great products with comprehensive customer insights

Inform your product strategy and GTM decisions with AI-powered insights. 
Product Insights

Data Unification

Actionable Insights

Launch Analysis

Stay in sync with your customer needs

Get a 360-degree view of your customer by unifying data across 500+ review sites, 30+ social channels, customer surveys and other internal data. 

Unify your data with Sprinklr

Demand Generation

Boost revenue from social channels by up to 40% 

Increase brand recall while still maximizing ROI.
Demand Generation

Campaign Management

Integrated Reporting

Centralized Governance

Turn clicks into customers with compelling campaigns

Streamline collaboration across global teams, and launch organic campaigns across 30+ digital channels and paid campaigns across 8+ social channels.

Sprinklr calendar

Proactive Crisis Management

Protect your brand with proactive crisis management

Stay ahead of crises by monitoring your social accounts 24/7 and mitigate risks in real time. 
Proactive Crisis Management

Proactive Detection

Real-time Response

Reputation Management

Stay ahead of crises with proactive crisis detection

Configure AI-powered social listening alerts to monitor spikes in negative sentiment related to product or service outages, data leaks, security breaches, etc.

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Digital-first Customer Delight

Boost your CSAT by up to 20%

Drive efficiency and customer delight with digital-first customer service.
Digital-first Customer Delight

Proactive Outreach

Call Deflection

Agent Experience

Send personalized messages at scale proactively

Provide proactive customer communication about service interruptions or security breaches, and drive the buyer journey through personalized product recommendations or promotions.

Sprinklr Proactive notifications on webpage

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