Winning technology companies choose a customer-led growth strategy

The world's smartest tech companies don't presume the experiences their customers desire. Instead, they actively listen to learn what their customers truly want and create products they'll love. Future-proof your success by helping your product, sales, marketing, and support teams get closer to your customers.

9 out of the top 10 tech companies use Sprinklr to drive customer-led growth

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Prior to Sprinklr, we were using a number of point solutions. But it was causing our team to look here, look there… all very disruptive, and very different from the flow we have today, which is going into one centralized platform. Engaging, publishing, reporting, insights — all in one place.

Katrina Munsell

Director of Customer Experience Center


Product InsightsDemand GenerationProactive Crisis ManagementDigital-first Customer Delight

Product Insights

Build great products with comprehensive customer insights

Inform your product and GTM decisions with proactive, AI-powered research, based on the most complete set of customer experience data mined from trillions of data points, 30+ major social channels, and 500+ review sites.

Inform product strategy and roadmap by gathering product insights

Get insights on product performance, UI/UX, pricing, and features from social, NPS, surveys, and virtual agent sources. Inform decisions in sales, support and product.


Demand Generation

Drive demand at scale with strong brand governance and ROI

Manage demand efficiently across your marketing org — social, brand, digital, paid ads, PR, and content — on a unified platform. Drive collectively optimized budget decisions and high-quality content creation and distribution, with a consistent brand message and strong governance and approval processes.

Manage social media publishing and engagement with industry-leading governance

Utilize a single platform and standardize your workflows for all social publishing, engagement, and reporting and understand performance data

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Proactive Crisis Management

Protect your brand through proactive crisis management

Tech companies need always-on listening to detect outages, security breaches, socio-political outbreaks, negative brand sentiment, so they can proactively handle situations before they become a crisis.

Create a reliable early warning system for product and service outages

Conduct a real-time service outage performance detection by listening to social media to detect issues in advance before they become worse.

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Digital-first Customer Delight

Deliver customer delight through exceptional customer support

Tech companies need to deliver a differentiated CX across all channels while enabling customers to seamlessly switch across channels without losing context. Unify your support across platforms — traditional and modern — voice, ticketing, 30+ social channels, 500+ review sites, and more.

Deliver unified support to your customers across all channels

Utilize a single platform and standardize your workflows for all social publishing, engagement, and reporting and understand performance data

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Blade 5 - Tech page
Blade 5 - Tech page

Sprinklr: the world’s only Unified-CXM purpose-built for tech companies

Sprinklr prioritizes and adheres to security and data regulatory compliance to protect your brand by building checks as per industry standards within the products. Learn more.

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The product insights Playbook is your guide to growing your business by harnesing the power of Product Insights and the world’s only Unified-CXM platform.

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Discover how to boost ROAS and outperform your previous advertising efforts with the most powerful combo for B2B.

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Unlock new insights into how brands are advancing digital customer experiences — and why a unified strategy is a competitive advantage.

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