3 of the top 4 biggest global Airlines,

6 of the top 6 largest global Hotel chains

enhance their traveler experiences with Sprinklr

Stay ahead of evolving traveler preferences, provide great customer support and drive loyalty.

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Since last year, there were lots of fast changes in our business and in how we manage our guest relationships. Sprinklr moved with the changes with us which allowed us to keep that guest contact and communication going across all our channels. We are able to personalize care at scale and drive loyalty.

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More Direct BookingsIncreased Customer LoyaltyOmnichannel Traveler SupportProactive Crisis & Brand Management

More Direct Bookings

Boost direct bookings through increased
 social media engagement

Engage travelers with inspiring social media content to drive direct bookings on your website and app

Localized campaigns

Streamlined engagement

Actionable intelligence

Generate demand from social media

Empower central teams and regional properties to publish brand-approved content on 25+ channels. Run paid ads on eight channels with minimal training.

Sprinklr Distributed and Digital Asset Manager

Increased Customer Loyalty

Design loyalty programs that will keep
 travelers coming back

Build stronger connections by understanding traveler preferences and crafting personalized programs

Deep listening

Loyalty insights

Traveler retention

Create better loyalty programs

Understand traveler sentiment with insights from review sites and social platforms. Analyze first-party data from your app, website, surveys and more to optimize loyalty programs.

Sprinklr Listening dashboard for Loyalty programs

Omnichannel Traveler Support

Boost traveler satisfaction with
 AI-powered support

Deliver memorable experiences on preferred channels that last even after the journey

Broader channel coverage

Seamless self-service

Improved agent support

Engage with travelers on channels they love

Enable bookings and provide round-the-clock support across 30+ channels such as social media, telephone, website, mobile app, email and more.

Sprinklr Service Unified Reporting dashboard

Proactive Crisis & Brand Management

Preserve trust and
 amplify positive brand discussions

Protect brand reputation and mitigate crisis with 24/7 social media monitoring

Automated brand watch

Centralized governance

Crisis management

Track brand health and boost brand perception

Monitor brand discussions 24*7, flag unauthorized posts, amplify positive brand discussions on social media with influencers and employees.

Sprinklr Brand Monitoring dashboards

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