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Building the world's most loved enterprise software company

Our Story

Sprinklr was founded in 2009 to solve a big problem: enterprise-size complexity dividing brands from the customers they serve. The idea was to unify silos, technology, and teams across large, complex companies. What started in social expanded into a single AI platform to reach, engage, and listen to customers on more than 30 digital channels.

Today, Sprinklr has infused AI across four product suites: Sprinklr Service, Sprinklr Social, Sprinklr Marketing, Sprinklr Insights, and self-serve offerings. Customers who value exceptional customer experiences have what they need on one unified platform built with an operating system approach on a single codebase. That means that everything — and everyone — can work together to service, respond, sell, and market to customers on the channels they prefer.

And as customer-facing teams, markets, and geographies work together, brands benefit from a unified digital edge. That’s powerful, considering that the digital edge is where every touchpoint happens with customers today. It’s where customers experience a brand, ask questions, and give feedback. It’s where all the risk is, along with the greatest sales and growth opportunity.

Sprinklr is here to do three things:

Lead a new category of enterprise software that we call Unified-CXM.
Lead a new category of enterprise software that we call Unified-CXM
Build the world’s
most loved enterprise software company.
Build the world’s most loved enterprise software company
Create a culture of high performers who are kind, caring and obsess about customers.
Create a culture of high performers who are kind, caring and obsessed about customers

While Unified Customer Experience Management (Unified-CXM) as a category is just getting started, we are well on our way to creating a no-compromise, unified approach to better customer experiences for the world’s leading enterprise brands. 

To “un-silo” was the inspiration and purpose for starting Sprinklr. And today, we’re on a journey to un-silo every customer-facing team and unlock the true meaning of exceptional customer experience.

We’re just getting started, and the best is yet to come.

Ragy Thomas

Founder & CEO - Sprinklr

Our Journey


Old Sprinklr Logo
Ragy Thomas launches


Launches the Social Listening and Social Engagement products, bringing on its first customer


2012 logo
Onboards its first
developer partner


2015 unicorn logo
Raises $46M at a $1B+ valuation and attains unicorn status


Launches Sprinklr Insights, the consumer and brand intelligence product suite


2017 logo
Gets featured in Fast Company’s list of Most Innovative Companies


2018 logo
Launches AI capabilities across all products including a new product — Sprinklr Marketing, the marketing and advertising product suite


2020 logo
Raises $200M at
a $2.7B valuation


2021 logo
Sprinklr is publicly listed in the NYSE (CXM) creating the Unified-CXM category


2022 logo
Launches Sprinklr Service, the unified CCaaS product suite


2023 logo
Launches Sprinklr AI+
… and we’re just getting started 

Our Leadership Team

Meet our visionary leadership team — a collective force driving innovation, fostering collaboration and steering our company towards unparalleled success

We Are Sprinklr

Our Vision
To be the world’s most-loved enterprise software company ever
Our Mission
To enable every organization on the planet to make their customers happier
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Our path for working, living and being
Build the world’s
most loved enterprise software company.
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