“Without empathy and compassion, support and care are just words.”

Vincent Washington
Vice President, Unified-CXM Best Practices Group, Sprinklr
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CX-WISE Podcast

What Vincent’s Humble Start as a Store Manager Taught Him About CX

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What if you reimagined your contact center as a “care center"?
Vincent Washington shares tried-and-true strategies on how this shift in focus can delight customers and foster a thriving internal CX culture. Gain invaluable insights on:

  • The impact of leadership accountability on CX 
  • Dealing with negativity in customer service  
  • CX essentials: personalization and relevance  
  • Leveraging technology to deliver seamless CX 
  • Brands using social listening to provide proactive care 
  • Career advice for customer service agents

Tune in to get CX-WISER!

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From Good Enough to Great CX: Vincent Washington Has the Fine Blueprint

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