“Customer experience as a discipline is really hard because there’s no ONE way of doing it.”

Ian Golding
CX Leader
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CX-WISE Podcast

What Turning Back to the 1900s Taught Ian Golding About CX

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Are brands letting go of the heart of customer experience? 

Get CX-WISER with Ian Golding as he unravels the secrets behind the timeless magic of yesteryears and sheds light on why today's businesses struggle to revive it. He also addresses real-world problems like: 

  • How and why the focus on CX has changed over the years
  • What the effects of ‘human-like’ brand experiences are
  • How CX professionals can overcome everyday struggles
  • Why brands should embrace technology with the right CX purpose
  • How to convince the C-suite to invest in CX initiatives 

Tune in to learn how to simplify your CX strategies.

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How to Infuse Your CX Initiatives with Honesty feat. Ian Golding

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