“It’s important that we don’t treat humans as disposable.”

Sally Mildren
CX and Healthcare Strategist
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What Raising Goats Taught Sally Mildren About Human-Centered CX

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In the metrics-driven CX industry, it’s crucial to remember that humans matter more than KPIs. But how do you successfully build a human-centered CX approach while also increasing the ROI of your business?

Gain insights from Sally Mildren as she shares nuggets of wisdom on:

  • The fundamentals of compassion-led CX
  • The economics of why companies won't invest in human-led experiences
  • Expectations of Gen Z in a workplace culture
  • Customer engagement lessons for healthcare executives
  • Leveraging the voice of the customer to refine CX strategy

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Sally Mildren: Human Experience Over Customer Experience, Always.

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