“The mission of CXM is to do more of what customers value and less of what irritates them.”

Jeff Sheehan
CX Expert
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What Being an Army Pilot Taught Jeff Sheehan About CX

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Uncover the hidden challenges beneath the surface of customer experience management (CXM) with Jeff Sheehan as he draws parallels between a finely-tuned internal CX program and the composure of an army pilot in flight. He covers critical topics such as:

  • The misuse of NPS in businesses
  • Navigating the fine line of AI-driven personalization
  • The rising expectation for a frictionless customer experience
  • Bridging the gaps in customer experience journeys
  • Geographical factors shaping CX expectations

Tune in to learn how to build successful CX programs.

Episode Highlights
Episode Highlights Banners Jeff Sheehan-Episode 9

Ex-Aviation Officer Jeff Sheehan’s CX Insights on Military Precision Strategy and AI

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