“Whether you accept the technology or not, AI is here to stay.”

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How CX Takes Off on the AI Runway

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How can brands use AI/ML to encourage sustainable travel options?
Grant Hartanov and Buddy Waddington impart their wisdom, insights, real-life stories and expertise on how brands can harness the power of AI to tailor exceptional traveler experiences. They cover critical topics such as:

  • Balancing technological efficiency and human touch
  • The need for seamless traveler experiences
  • Responsible AI initiatives
  • Risks and rewards with Generative AI
  • Delivering proactive customer support

Tune in to know the latest trends in CX personalization.

Episode Highlights
Episode Highlights Banners Grant Hartanov & Buddy Waddington-Episode 6

AI and the Human Touch: How to Fly High in the Customer Experience Sky

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Episode Insights

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Episode 06 - Grant & Buddy C
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Episode 06 - Grant & Buddy D


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