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How Heartland Dental manages 800+ social media accounts to drive effective patient care

Company Size
8,000 employees
United States
ROI ratio
Adoption rate (vs 32% with their previous tool)
hours/year saved annually by retaining 1,400 patients via quickly addressing negative reviews

The Challenge

Heartland Dental’s mission is to support dentists and their teams as they deliver the highest quality of dental care and experiences to the communities they serve while providing exceptional careers and creating value for their stakeholders.

The company provides comprehensive administrative support services such as marketing, accounting and hiring. This lets dentists spend less time handling these important but time-consuming tasks while giving them more time to focus on what they do best: caring for patients.

With 8,000 employees (and growing) and multiple social media pages for nearly each of its 847 offices across the country, keeping track of so many digital accounts is quite a challenge. It’s imperative that they can quickly respond to incoming comments and questions while also proactively engaging its large network of dentists.

Previously, Heartland Dental tried managing its social strategy with a Sprinklr competitor but encountered product issues, an inability to customize the platform, and difficulty scaling to multiple locations.

When the contract was up, the company considered other platforms, but ultimately selected Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform for its ability to scale with a robust array of capabilities that could meet current and future business needs, such as:

  • Providing a higher level of customer care through social media and digital channels, ensuring quicker response times for incoming comments and questions while proactively engaging its network of dentists.
  • Customizable, scalable, and easy-to-use features and tools that could be leveraged by multiple locations and campaigns.
  • A streamlined onboarding process that would encourage better communication across teams.

The Solution

Briana Stewart, the Community Relations Representative at Heartland Dental, decided to adopt Sprinklr’s powerful listening and publishing capabilities. “We liked Sprinklr because it was an enterprise tool.” She added, “It was something that truly met our business structure in a way that other vendors were not doing.”

Before using Sprinklr, she and her team of Regional Marketing Strategists responded to online patient reviews and messages natively. But sorting through every notification and page for new comments or inquiries is an arduous process.

“With Sprinklr’s help, we are managing all of our listings and all of our pages and profiles efficiently,” Stewart explained. By accessing all pertinent social activity in a single platform, the team can now seamlessly review and prioritize notifications from Facebook, Google, and other digital accounts.

Communication is just as critical among members of the team as it is with clients. The company needed to streamline the onboarding process, adding new hires soon after they started working for Heartland and removing staff that had left the company.

In the past, they’d added and removed users manually, which is inadequate and time-prohibitive — particularly in a growing company with 8,000 employees. To increase efficiency, Heartland Dental partnered with Sprinklr to create an Active Directory API that automatically removes or adds new team members to the platform. “It’s definitely a huge win,” Stewart said. “It saves me probably 5-10 hours a week of work.”

This integration also automatically adjusts to whatever office they’re tied to in their payroll system, simplifying the onboarding process even further.

By leveraging such intuitive Sprinklr features as Ads Reporting, Listening Insights, Publishing & Engagement, Ratings & Reviews, and Integrations & APIs — Heartland Dental reaches customers and staff more effectively than ever with solutions that:

The Outcome

Heartland Dental is now much better equipped to capture and quickly address comments and questions from patients. If an existing patient leaves a negative review, the company can spot it and respond swiftly, preserving the business of 1,400 patients annually, which is valued at $700,000 a year.

Responding through Sprinklr is easier and less overwhelming, and it helps us identify priority messages. Looking back, it makes me cringe to think that we were doing all of that natively. I can’t imagine going back.

Heartland Headshot BrianaStewart
Briana Stewart,
Community Relations Representative
, Heartland Dental

“Responding through Sprinklr is easier and less overwhelming, and it helps us identify priority messages,” Stewart explained. “Looking back, it makes me cringe to think that we were doing all of that natively. I can’t imagine going back.”

Overall, the company sees a 5:1 ratio in ROI, with the online responding team turnaround time reduced by 780 hours per year, saving the company $12,000 annually.

These savings are particularly critical in industries experiencing significant growth, both in client demand and staffing needs. There’s no better time to reevaluate engagement with customers or streamline and refine your hiring and workflow processes.

With Sprinklr, you can ensure a bright future ahead… or in the case of dentistry, a bright smile.