“Loyalty is not about a lifetime. It's about the next time and every time.”

Shep Hyken
CX Leader
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CX-WISE Podcast

What Music and Magic Taught Shep Hyken About CX

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CX leader Shep Hyken discuss why even the best technology in the world is no replacement for the human touch in businesses. He addresses important questions such as:

  • Will AI take over customer service jobs?
  • Cost vs. CX: How to make the right choice
  • The secret recipe to brand loyalty
  • The most important job of a customer service agent
  • How to cater to varied expectations from different generations
  • How to hit upon amazing customer experience ideas

Most importantly, Shep also spills the beans on what magic and music taught him about CX from a very young age. Tune in to get CX-WISER!

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The Convenience Chronicles: Shep Hyken on Unlocking Customer Trust and Loyalty

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