"AI helps us create customer experiences that are more personal and engaging."

Mike Kaput
Marketing and AI Expert
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CX-WISE Podcast

How Mike Kaput Applies AI to Achieve Big Wins for Marketing

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Want to be an AI-savvy marketer but unsure of how to deliver results? Gain insights from Mike Kaput as he answers pressing questions such as:

  • How AI can be used to craft marketing strategies
  • How marketers maintain relevance in the age of AI
  • How marketers can experiment with ChatGPT-4 Vision
  • How successful brands leverage AI
  • How to navigate through AI deepfakes 

Discover more about the AI content creation tools recommended by Mike - Claude 3 Opus, Google Gemini and Opus Clip.

Tune in to learn how to prioritize AI marketing use cases that impact your business.

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The Future of CX: Harnessing AI Without Losing the Human Touch Feat. Mike Kaput

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